How Important Is Battery For Electric Skateboard?

How Important is Battery For Electric Skateboard?
Uditer Electric Skateboard

The entire power of an electric skateboard comes from the battery. The Uditer team with the battery industry background knows the importance of battery for electric skateboard.

1. The battery is safe, each cell is in a small volume and has powerful energy. Therefore, we must ensure the safety of the battery, do not allow water and impurities to enter, and prevent the battery from short-circuiting from the inside. In addition, battery charging is a relatively dangerous process, and special circuit protection devices need to be designed to avoid overcharging of the battery. Therefore, when designed electric skateboard batteries, Uditer team fully considered safety, adopted the most advanced FUSE and MOSS in the industry, and specially designed silicone waterproof accessories to completely eliminate all possible battery safety risks externally and internally.

2. The battery needs to have enough battery life. As a travelling or commuting tool, if the battery life is insufficient, it will be a very regrettable thing. Imagine if you are riding with your friends for a short time. Your electric skateboard is out of power, I think you must be annoyed at the moment.

Therefore, when we designed the battery for the electric skateboard, it was used the 10S3P combination method, which makes the number of cells up to 30, and the cruising range reaches an astonishing 20–25 miles/ 35-40 km, while being very light and not bulky.

3. The Uditerboard battery can be quickly swapped. No matter how the battery is designed, it cannot achieve unlimited battery life. However, the rider's expectation is the longer range, the better. So, battery is designed to be quickly swapped on the structure of the electric skateboard program. The rider can remove and replace it with a fully charged battery in just 5 seconds.

4. Uditerboard has designed a USB charging port on the battery, which allows the rider to charge the phone/camera when he is in outdoors. You will no longer need to carry another bulky power bank.

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