Remote For S3 2.0 /W3 2.0

$95.00 $85.00
Remote For S3 2.0 /W3 2.0

Remote For S3 2.0 /W3 2.0

$95.00 $85.00
Product description

Remote control instructions

1.Establish a Bluetooth connection between the electric skateboard and the remote control. Press and hold the switch button of the electric skateboard for 5 seconds. When the light on the switch button starts to flicker, turn on the remote control, and press the Power button and the Reverse button quickly at the same time. At this time, the remote control will vibrate once, indicating that your remote control is connected to the electric motor. The skateboard has established a connection. (This function will be set to OK when the skateboard leaves the factory, and no further operation is required in the future)

2.Adjust the maximum speed limit Tap the SET button, G1/G2/G3/G4 appears on the display, which represents the 4 speed gears of the electric skateboard.

G1 (Low) : 13 mph/20 kph

G2 (Medium): 19 mph/30 kph

G3 (High): 25 mph/40 kph

G4 (Pro): 28 mph/45 kph (Instantaneous Acceleration)

3.Adjust the brakes UDITERBOARD provides four-speed brake adjustment, press and hold the Brake wheel, press the Reverse button, the display shows B1/B2/B3/B4, you can choose the braking force that suits you.

4.Change the direction of the electric skateboard Toggle the reverse switch, the pointing of the arrow represents different forward directions, and indication arrows of different directions will appear on the display.

5.Cruise To activate Cruise Control, push and hold the acceleration wheel and press the power button. To deactivate Cruise Control, just push and hold the brake wheel or accelerate to higher speed.

6.Remote charging Use the phone tape-c charging cable for charging. When charging, the display will show a charging prompt.