UDITER S3 PRO electric skateboard
UDITER S3 Pro Long Range & Two Swappable Batteries Electric Skateboard (BELT)
UDITER S3 Pro Long Range & Two Swappable Batteries Electric Skateboard (BELT)
UDITER S3 Pro Long Range & Two Swappable Batteries Electric Skateboard (BELT)
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UDITER S3 Pro Long Range & Two Swappable Batteries Electric Skateboard (BELT)
UDITER S3 Pro Long Range & Two Swappable Batteries Electric Skateboard (BELT)
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ride an electric skateboard

UDITER S3 Pro Long Range & Two Swappable Batteries Electric Skateboard (BELT)

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2 batteries included in all orders,each battery's max range is 25 miles!

Get $19.99 OFF

The function of a swappable battery is a magical design that allows you to swap the battery on the electric skateboard within 5 seconds, therefore you can get double even triple long ranges.  

Max Range: 20 -35 miles(32-52 Km)

Depending on riding style, weight, terrain and weather

Swappable Battery:  10S2P 18650 6.6A 280Wh (Aviation Plugs)

Nimbus wheels : 105*65 mm 78A 

ESC : Linyi 2.0 Smart ESC

Trucks : 8'' High tensile CNC magnesium-aluminum alloy

Deck:38''(97 cm) Bamboo+ Fiber Glass

Maximum Weight Capacity: 330lb/150KG 

Top Speed : 28 mph/45 kph 

Charging Time:  4H

Warranty: 180 days

Motor Power : 2*700W Belt 



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Battery:42V/6.6A X 2
Motors:600W X 2(HUB)
Wheels:PU 105*65mm 78A
Range:35 Miles (2 Batteries)
Install Safety Handlebar
Bamboo + Fiberglass Deck
Innovative Battery Design!

The UDITER electric skateboard team has addressed the issue of the electric skateboard range with the simplest patented design. When you purchase a UDITER electric skateboard, you will receive a spare battery that can be replaced in 5 seconds. No more waiting for charging or dragging heavy electric skateboards home due to low battery.

Safe Handlebar with Easy Disassembly & Assembly!

Most people have had some special emergencies when riding with electric skateboards. The UDITER electric skateboard provides a safe and reliable solution for beginners. The quick disassembly and assembly of the handlebars ensure your safety while riding.

UDITER S3 Has Come From A Long Way

I'm Spike, and running out of power on your electric skateboard can be a very bad thing when you're outdoors. As a rider who loves electric skateboards, I have dragged my heavy electric skateboard home with a dead battery many times. I was wondering what I could do to bring my electric skateboard back to life. As a battery engineer, it took me two and a half years, and after countless failures, I finally made it with the Uditer S3. I would like to recommend this electric skateboard that can change batteries rapidly to other riders and solve the electric skateboard's mileage anxiety. For this reason, I have made many never-before-seen innovations...







Extra Batteries


Just assemble the base on the front of the electric skateboard, and then manually screw the nut firmly, and you can assemble your handlebar.

How to install the camera to the camera mount?

You only need to fix the relevant accessories on the screws at the specified position.

Press and hold the switch button of the electric skateboard for 10 seconds. When the light on the switch button starts to flicker, turn on the remote control, and press the Power button and the Reverse button quickly at the same time. At this time, the remote control will vibrate once, indicating that your remote control is connected to the electric motor. The skateboard has established a connection. (This function will be set to OK when the skateboard leaves the factory, and no further operation is required in the future).

330 lbs for all models (However, please do not try to jump on the board or break it with additional strength).

You can adjust the tightness of the nut at the front of the truck by using a T wrench. Loosen the nut to make the steering flexible. Tightening the nut will make the steering stiff.

Electric skateboard x 1; Charger x 1; Battery x 2; T-Tool x 1; Remote x 1; Use Manul x 1; Remote Charger Wire x 1.

Customer Reviews

Based on 94 reviews
Noah Patel
Affordable price

The battery has always been my biggest concern when it comes to electric skateboards, but the removable battery on this one really solves that problem. And the best part? It's so affordable!

Powerful battery

This electric skateboard performs amazingly! I love it. The replaceable battery design is fantastic, and I never have to worry about running out of power while skateboarding

10 out of 10 for spare battery

I have 3 electric skateboards, but none of them have replaceable batteries. The Uditer board solved this issue for me

removable handlebar

As a girl, the handlebar removal is easy and makes riding less scary for me. said goodbye to my bulky bike!

Huge fan of skateboarding

I'm a huge fan of skateboarding and riding, and this is my first skateboard, so I wasn't sure what to expect. However, I absolutely love the removable battery design. It's so easy and convenient!

Handrails is not bad

My girlfriend loves the handrails, but I don't. The good thing is that they can be easily removed at any time

Speed up!

The acceleration and brakes on this skateboard are powerful and make it easy for me to climb steep hills

Nick S
Good Choice for beginner.

This board is such a clever choice for beginners and intermediate riders. The design of the board looks dope, the wheels are very high quality, which can actually handle bumpy road with no problem, and the board itself is elastic but strong. For the price, I guess you won't find anything that comes close.

sam rodriguez
Great Eskate

Overall, I think it's safe to say they exceeded my expectations.

It is a good board.

Money well spent, high quality board.