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Customize Screen via App

Supports iPhone and Android phones. Once Bluetooth is enabled and connected to the skateboard, you can use the app to set various custom images, GIFs, and text on the LED screen.

Featuring a robust deck made from 11 layers of bamboo and 5 layers of maple wood, the Pixel Rider supports up to 330 lbs, ensuring durability and comfort. The flexible steering truck with a 45-degree double pillar design and 98A high-resilience bushings provides exceptional control and stability for a smooth, responsive ride.

The quick-swappable battery system allows for effortless single-handed battery replacement in just 10 seconds. This feature extends your riding time by letting you swap in a fully charged battery on the go, eliminating the need for lengthy recharges. The battery is securely locked under the deck with UDITER's patented lock structure, ensuring safety and convenience.

The full LED screen deck allows riders to display personalized images, dynamic GIFs, and vibrant text via a Bluetooth-connected mobile app. With over 4000 LED lights, it ensures high visibility and customization. This unique feature turns your ride into a canvas, enabling endless creative possibilities and making every ride a standout experience.

Equipped with dual 600W hub motors, the Pixel Rider delivers powerful acceleration and a top speed of 28 MPH. These high-performance motors provide smooth and responsive rides, even on steep inclines of up to 30%. Enjoy effortless power and exceptional control on every journey, no matter the terrain.

Silicone Grip Tape

Wear-resistant silicone material, provides anti-slip functionality, protects screen, filters strong light.

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Ride Bright, Ride Uditer

Experience the thrill of riding with Uditer Pixel Rider, the world's first electric skateboard featuring a customizable LED screen deck. Express yourself and ride in style!