Hi Riders, I am Spike, the founder of UDITER electric skateboard, and I had served as a material development engineer for 9 years at BYD, the largest battery company in the world. Six years ago, I got my first electric skateboard by chance, and since then I've hooked on such sport. It has been a great experience for me, allowing me to enjoy skiing and surfing anywhere. I ride my electric skateboard to work, to shop, to the park, to walk my dog, to my daughter's school, and on weekends to ride in the countryside with my family and friends.


After riding the electric skateboards for a long period of time, I saw some of the functional shortcomings from these existing electric skateboards in the market as follows:
1. The range driven by the battery is not enough.
2. The battery does not have a long service life.
3. The wheels slip on waterlogged roads.
4. The diameter of the wheel is relatively small, so that some obstacles are difficult to pass.
5. The maple wood deck is very hard and causes bumps.
6. The battery is fixed in the shell, so that it is not able to troubleshoot the problem as soon as possible in the event of a skateboard malfunction.
7. The motor's power is not enough, which results in that it can’t rush up to certain steep slopes.
8. It is most concerned that the safety can’t be guaranteed (my wife as a novice fell badly as a result of out of balance when she was in an attempt to ride the electric skateboard).

As an engineer, I think I should solve these problems I encountered for electric skateboard riders. For which, I resigned from BYD and fully devoted myself to the design of electric skateboard. I want to design a super electric skateboard which can solve all these functional shortcomings I experienced and share it to all electric skateboard riders, so the electric skateboard designed by me is named as UDITER S3 (of which “S” means the abbreviation of the word of “super“).

In my mind, a quality electric skateboard should look like as follows:

The high price of electric skateboards will make it impossible for most people to experience the fun from riding the electric skateboards, so the electric skateboard of UDITER is priced at US$500 or below, so that everyone can buy a quality electric skateboard by spending a affordable price.

A Girl riding on UDITER electric skateboard intall a camera on UDITER electric skateboard

My wife, as a novice, was once injured during the riding of an electric skateboard, and I felt very distressed about it, so I specially designed and patented the handrail for her that can be quickly installed and removed. UDITER’s handrail for electric skateboard is made of aluminum alloy processed by CNC machine, and applied the same anodizing process as the back cover of iPhone 7, the surface of which is so polished and nice. Every part of the handrail can be quickly disassembled and installed without any tools, which keeps the portability of the electric skateboard while giving a novice the maximum degree of security to be expected. With such handrail, my wife had never fallen since then as a result of out of her balance on some special or emergency roads. I think that if my wife can be safe and protected with such handrail, other riders would also have been so. In addition, I am very passionate about taking videos of outdoor riding, for which I also added the sports camera and stabilizer interfaces at the base of the handrail, and riders can mount their photo equipment firmly on the electric skateboard, and thus get amazing and exciting riding videos. So riders can choose to add a handrail when they buy a UDITER electric skateboard.

take out UDITER battery from backpack remove battery in 5 secs

As a battery engineer, this is what I am good at. I have tried many options to extend the riding range, such as increasing the number of batteries, or providing fast charging, but all of them failed. In fact, increasing the number of batteries means that the weight of the electric skateboard is increased correspondingly, and no rider wants to carry a bulky electric skateboard. Also, you may not find a place to charge it at all times once your electric skateboard runs out of power. In view of that, I came up with the solution of removing the battery, which is the best solution for the range concern under the current technology level. Of course, this solution should be fast, reliable, and not require use of any additional tools, and no one wants to bring various special tools with them when riding. There are other electric skateboard brands in the market that have tried to apply the solution of removing the battery, some of them need to use special tools to handle and the process is complicated; some are not safe and reliable, having structural instability and thus causing the battery to fall and power off during the ride, which is very dangerous After trying various structural designs and materials and experiencing numerous failures, I finally found one solution to quickly disassemble and install the battery of electric skateboard, which is granted the patent of such solution. Using a special nylon material as the formula with the simplest structural design, it allows the rider to disassemble the battery in 5 seconds and keep it light enough that it is only the weight of a Macbook and you can always put a spare battery in your backpack. Uditer packs two batteries in every electric skateboard package.

 charge on e-skateboard charge UDITER battery directly

It will be a pleasure when a rider carries a electric skateboard with one quickly removable battery and one extra backup battery. Riders no longer need to worry about your power level all the time when riding outdoors and can ride with confidence. When your electric skateboard runs out of power in any uncertain location, all you need to do is to pull your spare battery out of your backpack and you can happily return to your destination. You don’t need to lug around a heavy electric skateboard to find a place to charge it, no need to spend long and hard waiting times as a result of charging, and there is also no need to keep an electric skateboard charger in your backpack at all times.
I purposely designed separate charging ports on both the electric skateboard and the battery, so that when a rider is using the electric skateboard, he/she can leave the other battery at home to charge, and the rider may keep a battery that is in a fully charged state at all times. This means you can always have your electric skateboard in a ready state when you need to go out for riding, commute to work or attend a party, you can go at any time without a long wait. Furthermore, you can remove the battery and place it anywhere for charging because it is very lightweight. For example, you can charge it on your desk, your living room, or even your bedroom, without the need to prepare a designated place specifically for charging your electric skateboard.

a backup battery always ready to go

As we all know, the most important part is the battery for an electric skateboard, and the battery is also the one most likely to fail, and of all electric skateboard failures, 90% is for the battery failure. When your battery is firmly attached to your electric skateboard, once your electric skateboard fails to work or to recharge, it means you have to send the electric skateboard back to the distributor and go through a long and tedious communication process to resolve the aftermarket issue. If you are lucky that your electric skateboard is still under warranty, you will be able to get a warranty for it. However, if it is out of warranty, you will have to pay an expensive price to resurrect your electric skateboard, which is distressing during such period of time. If you choose a UDITER electric skateboard with two batteries, you can quickly replace with the other one once it is failed, and we will send you a new battery promptly without affecting your riding (because the chances of two batteries failing at the same time are almost zero).
A lithium-ion battery has a service life of 500 cycles, in the course of use you will find that the energy of the battery is getting weaker and weaker. if your battery fails after the warranty period, while the rest of your electric skateboard is still in good condition. At this time, you have only two options that, firstly, you spend an expensive price to buy the battery and need to remove the original battery and install it yourself. However, as you are not a professional installer, you are likely to damage other parts in the installation process, thus causing your failure of battery installation. Secondly, it would be a great pity to discard your electric skateboard even though other parts of your electric skateboard are in good condition. UDITER electric skateboards have two batteries that you can use alternately to get double life of the battery, and you can buy batteries at any time (I will give a substantial discount for every rider who buys batteries) to replace the batteries that don't last and make your electric skateboard back to run!

close look of the wheel

My first electric skateboard is equipped with 90mm PU wheels, which are also installed on most electric skateboards in the market. Due to the smooth surface of the wheels with no pattern design, when riding at high speed and passing through waterlogged roads, I was thrown out and injured several times as a result of that the wheels slipped. So I designed the Nimbus wheels, which have a very nice grainy surface that provides strong friction with the ground, ensuring that the rider can still freely control his/her electric skateboard when riding at high speed. In addition, I increased the diameter and width of the Nimbus Wheels to 105*65mm, which means that it has a better passability than the 90mm wheels, for which you do not need to worry about the small stones and pits inside. Why 105mm instead of a larger diameter? That's because bigger wheels will make the electric skateboard become bulkier.

bamboo fiber glass deck of UDiter e-skateboard deck with all

The deck is the part that is in direct contact with the riders' feet, and it determines the comfort of the electric skateboard. Other brands of electric skateboards in the market generally use two materials of decks: maple and carbon fiber. Maple decks are relatively cheap and used by many electric skateboard brands, but maple is not very tough, very hard, easy to break and can’t offset the bumps from the ground, resulting in an uncomfortable riding. Carbon fiber is very light and tough, but very expensive, usually priced over US$1000 for electric skateboard with a carbon fiber deck, which is not an affordable price for riders. Shockingly, there are some brands of electric skateboards that use carbon fiber decals to disguise as carbon fiber decks to make a profit. After balancing the two materials, I chose to use a bamboo + fiberglass deck on our UDITER electric skateboard, which is tougher than maple decks. It has great flex, is comfortable to ride, and is strong and durable. Its price is lower than the carbon fiber decks and you can get it more easily.

600w Motor of UDITER e-skateboard 600w motor of UDITER eletric skateboard

When I was using my first electric skateboard, I found that the motor would generate high temperature after riding for a while, and such temperature was so high that you couldn't even touch it with your hands or you would get burned. After a period of time, I found that the power of the motor significantly began to weaken. Thus, I started to disassemble the motors of other electric skateboard brands in the market. Through testing, I found that all of these brands were using ordinary motor magnets which lose their magnetism as the temperature rises, and this is an irreversible process where the magnet's magnetism does not return to its initial state as the temperature decreases. When I designed the motor for Uditer electric skateboard, in addition to increasing the size of the wheel battery to obtain more power, I specifically chose high temperature resistant magnets, the magnets of the UDITER motor can withstand temperatures up to 150¬°C without weakening the magnetism. Through these improvements, UDITER electric skateboard gets a long-lasting and strong power.

600w Motor of UDITER e-skateboard 600w motor of UDITER eletric skateboard 600w motor of UDITER eletric skateboard

Through two and a half years of research and development, my team and I have finally completed the design and production of the super electric skateboard which I had in mind, and we have set up a manufacturing facility. We now have warehouses in both Los Angeles and New York with a UDITER customer service center in Florida. My team and I will provide you with satisfactory products and services. Welcome to Join the riding club of Uditer electric skateboard and enjoy the fun we have with our electric skateboard!