About Us

About Uditer
UDITER BOARD is an innovative and professional electric skateboard company. We have a strong design, production and service team to provide our customer with the latest unique electric skateboards and the best service world
The company was founded by Spike who was working as a senior electric engineer in telecom area. He is the fan of electric skateboarding and knows pretty well about what the riders care about.
We try our best to provide the best electric skateboards for riders with revolutionary innovation, creative and playing methods, so that everyone can quickly enjoy electric skateboard.
At the same time our team found that electric skateboards can help us take more and better vlogs and photos. So that we added the vlog function on our boards to let the rider record every wonderful moment of riding.
Besides, our team realized that range is very important to each rider, therefore, we designed batteries that can be swapped quickly, so that riders can get double even triple ranges and never worry about the battery life.


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E-mail: info@uditerboard.com

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Every day 11am to 7pm