Electric Skateboard V.S Electric Bike: Which is Better Eco-friendly Way to Travel Around?

Super long range electric skateboard

Electric bikes are the popular mode of transportation all the time, especially for those people who prefer an efficient and eco-friendly way to travel around. In addition, electric skateboards become more and more popular in recent years. People can enjoy much fun and freedom when riding an electric skateboard. Which way do you prefer to travel around?

1. Electric Skateboard Pros

• Speed:

In terms of speed, electric skateboards have a slight edge. The max speed of a normal electric bike in the market is about 20 mph. However, the max speed of Uditer Board S3 can achieve up to 28 mph.

• Portability:

Compared with electric bikes, electric skateboards are lightweight and easy to carry. The weight of Uditer electric skateboards is only 10.3 Kilograms, without any pressure to carry them upstairs or downstairs, making them a great option for commuting.

• Much Fun:

Riding an electric skateboard can be exhilarating and enjoyable, especially for those who love the thrill of carving and cruising around town. The 105mm nimbus wheels of the Uditer electric skateboard are made of 78A PU material. They are elastic and wear resistance enough to provide a comfortable riding experience for carving and cruising.

 • Affordable:

It takes almost $1000 for a typical electric bike, while electric skateboards are generally more affordable, you can get an electric skateboard for under $300. For each dollar, if you invest in electric skateboards, you will get a higher-performance travel commuter than the electric bike at the same price.

Electric skateboard with removable battery

2. Electric Bikes Pros

• Easy to learn:

Compared with an electric skateboard, electric bikes are much simpler to operate, and riders of e-bikes almost have experience with bicycles. In contrast, riding an electric skateboard requires more sense of balance and sensitivity to control the direction and speed, especially for beginners. That is why Uditer electric skateboards are designed with removable handlebars. Riders who are new to e-skateboarding will not fear falling from the boards if they install the handlebar on their boards, it helps newbies to learn how to make balance and conquer the fear feeling of falling out.

• Safety concerns:

Electric bikes are safer than electric skateboards, because skateboards have a lower profile than electric bikes, making them harder for other motorists to see. But both electric skateboards and electric bikes have their risks, they also require proper safety gear to prevent injuries.

Uditer electric skateboard for beginners

3. Final Thoughts

If you are considering which way is better to travel around, you don't have to worry about this. You deserve to have both! Both electric bikes and electric skateboards have their pros and fun riding, and most people can pay for both. Uditer electric skateboard is so affordable, only needs $399, you will get a high-performance electric skateboard and each board comes with 2 removable batteries! No range anxiety of running out of power. It is one of the longest-range electric skateboards on the market.

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