The Smart Remote Function of UDITER Electric Skateboards

The Smart Remote Function of UDITER Electric Skateboards

Do you know how to use the UDITER remote properly? If there are questions about the function of the remote control, this blog is for you.

1. Turn the remote on and off

Long Press the Power Button of the remote control.

2.Pairing the electric skateboard with the remote control

• Press and hold the Power Button of the electric skateboard until the light on the power button starts to flicker.

• Turn on the remote control, and press the Power Button and Reverse Button of the remote quickly at the same time.

• When the Bluetooth signal on the remote monitor flashes, indicating that the remote is connected to the ESC control.

3. Adjust the speed

Press the Reverse Button, and 4 speeds modes are provided for you to choose from.  

• Limit Speed1: 13Mph

• Limit Speed2: 19Mph

• Limit Speed3: 25Mph

• Limit Speed4: 28Mph

Notes: The Limit speed is depending on riding style, weight, and terrain.

4. Adjust the brakes:

Scroll backward the Brake Wheel, and press the Reverse Button to choose the brake strength that suits you.

5. Change the direction of the electric skateboard

Quickly press the Power Button of the remote twice to change the direction.

6. Cruise Mode

Activate: Scroll forward and hold the acceleration wheel, and press the power button at the same time to activate the Cruise Mode. A "CRU" symbol will display on the remote under cruise mode.

Deactivate: Scroll forward or backward and hold the accelerate/brake wheel to a higher speed or lower speed.

7. Adjust the wheel speed and range unit:

Turn off the remote, long press the power button and reverse button on the remote at the same time, use the reverse button to select and the wheel on the remote to change. And then restart the remote.

• Please set the Wheel Speed at "55".

8. Clear the odometer

Turn on the board and connect to the remote, long press the power button on the board for about 30 seconds, and the odometer will be empty to 0.

9. Remote Charging

Use the 5V universal type-c charging port for charging!

Check this blog if you have any questions about the remote. Please try to pair the remote again if there are any connection problems with the electric skateboard. Please feel free to reach out if you can't pair the remote after following the steps above. Go for a ride with UDITER now, you will find much fun when riding!

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