Is that Safe for Riding Electric Skateboards in the Rain?

Uditer Longer Range Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboards have become a convenient and eco-friendly mode of personal transportation gradually. However, one common question that arises among customers is whether it's acceptable to ride their e-skateboards in the rain. In fact, riding an electric skateboard in the rain is fine, but we don't recommend you do that. It will come with unexpected effects that you should be aware of. Besides, it would be best if you took precautions to maintain the electric skateboard after it is ridden in the rain.

1. The Effect of Rain on Electric Skateboards

Electric Accessories: Riding in the rain is harmful to the functionality and longevity of electric skateboards. Electric skateboards are equipped with electrical components such as motors, batteries, and ESC. Water or rain would damage these components and cause short circuits. It is better to keep the board away from the rain.

Damage to the Structure of Electric Skateboards: In addition to the electrical components, the overall structure and other parts of an e-skateboard would be damaged by rain or water, such as bearings, trucks, and decks. Prolonged exposure to moist conditions would be easy to rust and corrosion, which has a bad effect on the performance and safety of the skateboard.

Unsafe Riding Conditions: It is not safe to ride in the rain, the ground becomes wet and slippery. This would significantly affect the traction between the e-skateboard wheels and the road, it is easy to out of control and fall down from the electric skateboard, increasing the chances of accidents.

2. Waterproof Rating of Electric Skateboard

Waterproof Rating: Some electric skateboards in the market are advertised as waterproof, indicating they can withstand water or rain splashing on it. However, you should know that water resistance does not guarantee the electric skateboard can be completely submerged in water. Even if your e-skateboard is marked as water-resistant, it's advisable to exercise caution and avoid riding in heavy rain or through deep puddles. Splashing water or riding through excessively wet conditions can still pose risks to the electronic components and overall stability of the skateboard.

3. How to Maintain and Drying Electric Skateboard

Dry the Electric Skateboard: If your electric skateboard does get exposed to rain or moisture, it's necessary to dry it completely afterward. Use a dry cloth or towel to wipe the entire electric skateboard, including decks, trucks, wheels, and all electric components. Ensure that no water is left on the surface or inside.

Remove the Battery: If you own an Uditer removable battery electric skateboard, you should remove the battery and please make sure the charging port is dry after riding it in the rain.

Dry and Protect the Electrical Components: If water or rain has entered the electrical components, you should dry them completely. You can use a hairdryer on a low and cool setting to gently blow air over the affected areas. But it is worth to mention that avoiding using high heat, as it may damage sensitive components. Applying a protective coating or sealant to safeguard the electrical parts from future water exposure.

Lubricate Bearings: Rain or water would wash away the lubrication in bearings and other moving parts of your electric skateboard. Therefore, it's important to lubricate them after riding in wet conditions. Proper lubrication will help maintain smooth and efficient performance while reducing the risk of rust and corrosion.

Store in a Dry Environment: After you have thoroughly dried and inspected your electric skateboard, store it in a dry environment. Avoid leaving it in a damp or humid area, as this can contribute to water damage and the growth of mold or mildew. Ideally, store your electric skateboard indoors in a clean and dry space until your next ride.

While some electric skateboards may have water-resistant features, we don't recommend riding them in the rain. The waterproof rating of the Uditer electric skateboard is IP55, even though the Uditer electric longboard cannot be completely submerged in water, it can withstand water or rain splashing on it. There are waterproof silicons to protect the electric components avoiding getting wet. Remember, regular maintenance and care will ensure that your electric skateboard remains in optimal condition, providing with countless enjoyable and reliable rides.

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