The New Batch of UDITER Electric Skateboard Is Ready to Ship!

The New Batch of UDITER Electric Skateboard Is Ready to Ship!

Let's explore about what parts are upgraded in the new batch of UDITER electric skateboards. You deserve these more affordable and longer-range electric skateboards!

• UDITER electric skateboard will come with 2 batteries in the package! Easily removable battery design, 50 miles+ range for you to choose from, super long-distance electric skateboards belong to you.

UDITER electric skateboard swappable battery

• The 90mm PU wheels are upgradeable to 105mm wheels. Different sizes of wheels are suitable for different terrain. They are easy to replace and install. 

UDITER Electric Skateboard Upgradable Wheels

• The bolt screws are plated with a layer of gold to prevent oxidation and rusting. Protecting your electric skateboard is as good as new.

UDITER Electric Skateboard Truck

• 4 different patterns of grip tapes and 2 different shapes of decks for you to choose from. 

UDITER Electric Skateboard Grip Tape

• The removable handlebars of the electric skateboards can be turned into vlog mode.

UDITER Electric Skateboard with go pro vlog mode

For other highlight features, please visit UDITER Board! You will never regret grabbing such an affordable and high-performance best electric skateboard in 2023!

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