Product Information:

How to use the remote?

  • Turn on/off the remote
  • Establish a bluetooth connection between the electric skateboard and the remote control
  • Adjust the maximum speed limit
  • Adjust the brakes
More details in the USER MANUAL.


What is the maximum weight limit for the user?

330 lbs for all models (However, please do not try to jump on the board or break it with additional strength).


Is UDITER Electric Skateboard water resistant or waterproof?

The boards are NOT waterproof. Uditer's IP55 water-resistant rating enables riders to use the board through a small puddle on dry roads. You cannot use the board during the rain, on wet/icy grounds; or sink the board into the water. Water could damage your battery, esc, motors, or even the bearings in the wheels too.

Water damage is NOT covered under our warranty.

We recommend you maintain the board in good dry condition always, which will extend the life of it much longer.


How to remove and install the battery?

  • Battery removal

    Press and hold the two buckles on the left and right of the battery. When the buckles start to loosen, the battery can be taken out vertically.

    • Battery installation

      Insert the aviation plugs of the battery according to the position of the jack, and fix the plugs. Assemble the battery and the battery box vertically. When the two buckles make a clear assembly sound, it means that the battery has been assembled and fixed.


      How to remove and install the handlebar?

      Just assemble the base on the front of the electric skateboard, and then manually screw the nut firmly, and you can assemble your handlebar.

      How to install the camera to the camera mount?

      You only need to fix the relevant accessories on the screws at the specified position.


      How can I adjust steering sensitivity?

      You can adjust the tightness of the nut at the front of the truck by using a T wrench. Loosen the nut to make the steering flexible. Tightening the nut will make the steering stiff.


      How do I pair the remote to the board?

      Press and hold the switch button of the electric skateboard for 10 seconds. When the light on the switch button starts to flicker, turn on the remote control, and press the Power button and the Reverse button quickly at the same time. At this time, the remote control will vibrate once, indicating that your remote control is connected to the electric motor. The skateboard has established a connection. (This function will be set to OK when the skateboard leaves the factory, and no further operation is required in the future).


      My board is not charging

      If your board can't be charged, trouble shoot by going through these steps.

      1. Does the charger light turns green when plugged into the wall and not connected to the board?
      2. After plugging in the charger, does the charger light show red? (this means the battery is charging normally
      3. Open the battery case and check all wires' connection, making sure that no wire is loose.
      4. If you followed steps one to three and everything looks correct, You need to disconnect the battery from the skateboard and connect it directly to the charger to see if it charges properly.

        What are the recommend ages?

        We recommend the user's age to be 14 years and up. Children under 14 years need to be under an adult's supervision and permission to use our product. Please make sure you always wear a helmet and your protective gear. Do not ride the board out of your skill level and always care about your surroundings and follow your local traffic law.


        Order Information:

        Can I change or cancel my order?

        Yes, you can change or cancel your order within 24 hours after the purchase, once your order is shipped, we will not accept any change or cancellation.

        If you need change or cancel the order, please contact us via email: service@uditerboard.com, we'll ask some information from you as it will help communicate the issue or concern at hand to our team so they can work on making improvements.


        How do I check the status of my order?

        Please log into your account to see the status of your order.

        Please allow up to 1-2 business day for your order to process and ship from our warehouse. To learn about shipping estimates, click here.

        Once an order is placed, our warehouse team is on it immediately. Please carefully review your shipping details at checkout to ensure everything is correct.


        How do I change my shipping address?

        We will help to change the address before your order is shipped, please email us right away at service@uditerboard.com.

        Once an order is placed, our warehouse team is on it immediately. Please carefully review your shipping details at checkout to ensure everything is correct.


        The change of your address may not be accepted after your order is shipped, which depends on the delivery carrier. Please keep an eye on your tracking information, after the package arrives in your country, contact with delivery carrier immediately. We will not responsible for packages that are mis-delivered or lost due to an incorrect address provided to us. You will be responsible for any additional fee of changing address.


        Shipping Information:

        When will it be shipped after I placed an order?

        We will ship the order within 24-48 hours once the order has been placed, excluding weekends and holidays.


        Where do I find my tracking information?

        Your tracking information will be in your shipping confirmation email that is sent 2-4 business days after your order has been placed. A shipping service may be used where the carrier delivering the package to you is not the initial carrier that was used to ship your package out. This is typically the case with international orders as the package gets handed over to the country’s local carrier for final mile delivery.

        Therefore we will also send the email of tracking number to you when the package arrives in your country.


        Why was my package returned?

        There are several possible reasons like wrong or incomplete address, invalid phone number, unable to deliver etc.

        Why do you separate two or more packages of my order?

        Usually it is from the requirements of customs or courier, like weight limitation or separating the battery etc.


        Can I refuse receiving the goods?

        Yes, but you shall bear all the expenses incurred.

        At the same time we may ask several questions about the reason in order to improve our products or service.


        How long does shipping take?

        Varies based on country, please find the details in the shipping policy.


        Do I have to pay taxes/customs/duties?

        For most of the countries like US and EU, no taxes/customs/duties will be charged, which is already covered by us.

        For some countries like New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, South Korea, etc.), taxes/customs/duties will be charged. You can find more details in our shipping policy.


        Package delivered but not delivered disclaimer

        If the tracking information confirms that the item has been delivered to your order address but you have not received your order, please follow these steps on how to locate your package.

        Double check your shipping information including shipping address and phone number you provided are correct.

        Check with your family members and your neighbors. Most carriers will simply deliver the package to the address provided on the shipping label, and not necessarily to the recipient listed. Please check with your family members or neighbors if some of them has accepted the package for you.

        Check your mailbox and other safe drop areas around you home.

        Also, please contact couriers at numbers in order to investigate this issue.

        We cannot be held accountable for packages where tracking information states the package has been delivered to your order address.


        What is the status of my refund?

        Usually it will take 5-7 business days to process your returns after we received your package.

        If you choose the refund to your credit card, the whole process may need 7-14 business days, most of which depends on your card bank. Thank you for your understanding.




        How about the warranty for the items I purchased from your website?

        We offer 6 months limited warranty for all manufacture defective items. The warranty period will begin once the package has been delivered in correspondence to the order's tracking history. The item(s) will no longer be eligible for a refund/replacement after the warranty period.


        How can I return items?

        Please check our Return Policy first, then contact our Customer Service about which items you want to return.


        What is the status of my refund?

        Usually it will take 5-7 business days to process your returns after we received your package.

        If you choose the refund to your credit card, the whole process may need 7-14 business days, most of which depends on your card bank. Thank you for your understanding.


        Risks Challenges


        Please always read our warning mark before you start using our product, make sure you always wear a helmet and your protective gear just in case. Please make sure you get used to the board before you speed up. Do not ride the board out of your skills level and always care about your surroundings. Please do not ride the board in wet conditions.  



        There are risks of serious or fatal injury from collision, loss of control, and unexpected falls while using this electric skateboard. It is your sole responsibility to learn safely to ride this electric skateboard to reduce the risks: please read our user’s manual carefully and learn how to turn, accelerate and brake this electric skateboard. Uditer recommends you start with the beginner’s (low speed) mode first before using the sports (high speed) mode. Please use this electric skateboard reasonably within the control of your abilities. Do not use this electric skateboard on dangerous road sections or big downhills. Do not use this electric skateboard at night or poor visibility environment to avoid accidents. Uditer will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused by the user in accidents

        Be sure to wear protective gear and a helmet when using this electric skateboard.

        Children under 14 years old must use this electric skateboard under the adult’s supervision; or please place the product where children can't reach.

        Please abide by local traffic regulations and laws to ride this electric skateboard; please respect other drivers and pedestrians on the road.

        Please do frequent maintenance checks: before riding makes sure screws are tight and wheels are in good condition. Do not charge the battery if the board and battery are wet. Please make sure to keep the board in dry conditions before charging.

        Please do not open the battery or controller cases without direction from Uditer tech support, please do not modify the wiring or controller, please do not install the electric parts from other suppliers to the Uditer electric skateboard, which will terminate the warranty immediatel.


        Local laws and regulations

        It is solely customers' responsibility to check your local legal requirement of the electric vehicles and electric skateboards before you purchase and use them, the laws and regulations vary by countries, states, or counties.