Giveaway Activity

Get a free Uditer W3 or S3 electric skateboard

Who can participate in?
  • The customer who places an order of any Uditer electric skateboard from April 1 to June 30.
How to participate in?
  • First, make a photo review of the board you purchased on our product page.
  • Second, make a video of Uditer electric skateboard that you purchased and published it to your Youtube channel.
  • Third, share the link of the video to us via the email
  • The length of the video should be more than 2 minutes.
  • We don't restrict the content of the video, it can be an unboxing, a video review, the comparison of the board from another brand, the commute time, even the moment you share the board with your friend or family, etc.
What is the prize?
  • A free Uditer W3 or S3 electric skateboard(Basic style) and we provide five boards.
  • If you don't want the W3/S3 electric skateboard that we are going to send, there are two options for you. First option, we can refund the money(valued $599) to your bank in the original path or to your paypal account(For Uditer Mini, we can only refund $449). Second option, we will offer a special discount code(or a gift card) only for you valued $599 for your next purchase of Uditer S3/W3/S3 PRO/W3 PRO/EVO.
  • If you placed an order of Uditer Mini, we can only refund $449 for the options we mentioned above.
  • Anyone who participated in this activity will get the special discount code($40) for your next purchase on our store.
Who can win the prize?
  • The video you published on Youtube that gets the top 5 most views among all those who participated in this activity.
What's the standard of 'most views' or How do you judge  whose video gets the most views?
  • This activity is completely based on the principles of fairness and justice.
  • 10 minutes before the deadline, all the members of our team will check each link of the video and record the total amount of the views, so it is totally decided by the number that Youtube shows. We don't make any judgement just compare the statistics.
  • The time zone of the deadline is GMT+8.
If I want to participate in the activity but I don't know how to make a video, what should I do?
  • You can share the photos of our board/link of our store etc. to the social media like facebook/instagram etc., and get as many likes or comments as you can, and we will evaluate and provide those who really love our board with 3 months extended warranty.
  • Anyone who participate in this way will get the special discount code($20) for your next purchase on our store. 
How long can I get the prize?
  • We will send the boards or refund the money or send the discount code to you within one week after the deadline of this activity.
Important Notes
  • Uditer has the right to use or share  your video or other materials if you participate in this activity.
  • We may increase the quota of the free S3/W3 boards to maximum 10 according to the number of the participants in order to let you have more chance to win the free board.
  • Once you participate in this activity, it means you have accepted all our  rules above and terms of service&privacy policy.
  • Uditer have the final explanation of this giveaway activity.