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How To Choose A Electric Skateboard?

by Uditer Board on Dec 18, 2020

How To Choose A Electric Skateboard?

At present, there are many types of electric skateboards on the market, which are roughly divided into fish boards, road longboards, and off-road boards. According to the motor drive, there are two types: belt and hub. According to the number of motors, it can be divided into single motor, double motors and four motors.

Below we will give you an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of these types of electric skateboards.

1.Fish board

This is a short board, very small and easy to be carried. But this also means the riding range will be short, because its size limits the battery capacity, which can only be used for riding short distance (about 7-10 kilometers). At the same time, because the area of the deck is very small, if the rider is taller than 175 cm, it will be difficult for him to stand up completely. The wheelbase of the fish boards is very small, so the rider will shift the center of gravity when the electric skateboard is driving at a high speed, causing the rider to fall and be injured.

2.Road longboard

Generally the deck length is around 38 inches, using PU wheels or rubber wheels, and the tire diameter is 90mm or 83mm. The road longboard is suitable for riding on the road, because it has enough length and wheelbase to stabilize the center of gravity during high-speed driving without deviation. Currently, there are three types of road long boards on the market: single motor, dual motors, and four motors.

The single motor long board has only one motor, resulting in low speed and small load.  It can only travel on flat roads and cannot climb too much. And this motor is very prone to heat and wear, and riders need to replace the motor frequently.

The dual-motor longboard. Due to the two motors, the power output is balanced, suitable for most urban road conditions, and can be used for climbing. Riders do not need to replace the motors frequently because the two motors share the wear. It is the best quality power output model on the market.

Four-motor longboard. This kind of electric skateboard is very powerful and can achieve faster speed and steeper slope. However, the four-motor longboard needs two ESCs, two battery modules to be integrated into a remote control. Due to the inconsistent power consumption of the two batteries, it is easy to have a voltage difference, which shortens the battery life. At the same time, the weight and failure rate of the electric skateboard are increased, and the controller is very unstable, which unable to accurately control the speed of the four motors at the same time. If you are a rider that do not want to be severely thrown, please choose carefully to buy this type of electric skateboard. In addition, this type of electric skateboard is expensive and difficult to repair and maintain。

3.Off-road board

This type of electric skateboard is very attractive for outdoor sports enthusiasts. It has larger tires and is suitable for driving on rugged mountain roads. However, this type of skateboard has a defect that it is too bulky for riders. It is even difficult to pick it up (about 30 kg), if it runs out of electricity, it will be a nightmare for the rider. Besides, it is very expensive.

4.The difference between Hub and Belt motors

The Hub motor is integrated in the tire, the mechanical structure is simple, does not require complex maintenance, rarely fails. There is less noise. But the torque is small, so it is not as efficient as the Belt motor when climbing and accelerating.

Belt motor, which has the characteristics of high torque, accelerates and climbs more powerfully. But the rider had to endure its motor sound like a Lamborghini sports car. At the same time, riders need to replace the Belt frequently because it wears out.

All of the above types of electric skateboards have not made any protective measures for novices. If you are a new rider, then you will inevitably have to pay the price of wrestling. Uditerboard has specially designed the handlebar for electric skateboards, so that novices can quickly be familiar with electric skateboards without the cost of wrestling.

Combining their advantages and disadvantages, Uditerboard believes that the 38-inch dual-motor road longboard is more suitable for most riders because of its portability, strong power, stable ESC, long riding range, easy maintenance, and suitable for most cities. Road conditions can be the best tool for riders to commute. It is not expensive.

Therefore, Uditerboard will be the first choice for riders when choosing electric skateboards.

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