How to make a choice between the electric scooter and electric skateboard?

How to make a choice between the electric scooter and electric skateboard? - Uditerboard
Have you ever wondered how to make a choice between the electric scooter and electric skateboard? We will tell you how to choose the right one for you to commute.

Fun Factor

We have to say, it is more fun ride electric skateboards than electric scooters. Once you have got some skateboarding experience, you'll have the fun like surfing or skiing on the road.

Of course, some riders like riding electric scooter and the others will prefer electric skateboard. Interest is an important part of our choice, but it is not the whole story.

Uditerboard combines an electric skateboard with an electric scooter. You can turn an electric skateboard into an electric scooter in 5 seconds, which you can call it 'Scooterboard', so you don't have to make a difficult choice between the electric skateboard and electric scooter.



For all electric products, the riding range is always one of the most important factors for us to consider about, because once the electric skateboard runs out of power, it will be a headache for us.

As we all know, the riding range depends on the capability of the battery, which is proportional to its size. Electric scooter can be installed with larger battery and more cells due to structural factors, so you can find products on the market with a riding range of more than 100 kilometers. At this point, electric scooter has its advantage.

Taking portability and comfort into consideration, the volume and number of cells on electric skateboard will be limited. However, Uditerboard solves the problem of riding range of electric skateboards by making innovative design on the structure of battery boxes to be swapped fast. The battery of Uditerboard is used the parameter configuration of 10S3P 7.5A 315Wh, and the riding range reaches an astonishing 25 miles/40 kilometers. The fast charger (2.5A) can help the charging time shorten to 3.5-4 hours.

Uditerboard is an electric skateboard that doesn't have to worry about battery life!


Safety and Learning Curve

Riding safety is undoubtedly the most important thing for everyone. Electric scooter is designed like a bicycle to keep riding balance through armrest and has mechanical brakes, which can give the riders a certain degree of safety.

Electric skateboarding is a risky challenge for beginners. Many novices will inevitably fall down in the initial stage of learning, which leads to less trust in electric skateboard.

Through an in-depth understanding of the needs of novices, Uditerboard creatively designed handlebar that can be assembled quickly, so that novices without experience of electric skateboarding can maintain a good balance in the beginner stage and quickly learn how to use electric skateboard. All this, you will not have to pay the price of wrestling.




Due to the large diameter of the body and tire, the pneumatic tire and shock-absorbing springs can be installed on the electric scooter, which is more comfortable than the electric skateboard on the bumpy roads, and the handbar can make the rider more relaxed. Of course, some electric skateboards are also equipped with pneumatic tires and shock-absorbing springs, but these E-boards are too bulky for off-road rather than city commuting, and the expensive price is hard to be accept.

When started designing the electric skateboard, Uditerboard fully considered the riding comfort. The elastic bamboo+ fiberglass material is used in the deck, which greatly enhances the comfort compared with the maple deck used on the cheap electric skateboard. With the addition of handlebar, Uditer electric skateboard is the most comfortable electric skateboard on the market.


Speed and climbing

The large size of electric scooter allows for a larger motor for high speed and climbing, and its flexible handlebar makes it more suitable for high-speed riding.

However, Uditer electric skateboard can reach a maximum speed of 28mph/45kph and can climb up to 30-35%. All this comes from the installation of two 750W belt motors (540W*2 HUB) for the electric skateboard, matching the high rate power battery with 10C discharge, and special debugging of the ESC, the whole power and control system reached the most efficient state.



There is little difference in price between an electric skateboards and an electric scooter, and you can find a product that suits you within your budget. Uditerboard fully considers the ratio between performance and price in pricing. We hope to provide you with the best products on the market at the most acceptable price.



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