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How to Select Between the Electric Longboard and Electric Shortboard?

How to Select Between the Electric Longboard and Electric Shortboard?

How to make an informed decision between the electric longboard and the electric shortboard is based on your riding requirements. There are some different designs, functions and riding experiences between the electric longboard and shortboard. As long as electric skateboards have surged in popularity, people would prefer to ride electric skateboards as eco-friendly and convenient commuting modes. If you are curious about how to select between the electric longboard and shortboard, we will discuss the differences between them in this blog.

1. Different Deck Design and Size

The most apparent difference between electric longboards and electric shortboards is their design and size. The electric shortboards are compact and portable, with deck lengths typically falling between 20 and 32 inches. Their smaller size provides enhanced maneuverability, making them ideal for quick turns, tricks, and navigating tight spaces. On the other hand, electric longboards typically range from 32 to 50 inches in length. The wider and longer deck offers more stability and allows for a comfortable cruising experience. This makes them well-suited for long-distance commuting, cruising along scenic paths, or simply riding at higher speeds with confidence. The deck length of the Uditer electric skateboard is 38.2 inches, width is 10.8 inches, large and wide enough for long commuting.

2. Different Range and Speed

For the range and speed, electric shortboards are slightly inferior to longboards, they are more suitable for shorter trips and urban environments. Electric longboards often have the upper hand. They have larger battery packs owing to their larger size, resulting in the longer range they would have. The range of electric longboards is about 10~30 miles or more on a single charge. Besides, they are generally compact with higher top speeds than the electric shortboards, with some models reaching up to 25-30 mph. The max range of Uditer electric longboards is up to 25 miles. Each board comes with 2 batteries, bring one spare battery in your backpack, Uditer longboards can reach up to 50 miles. If you want an electric skateboard for going to work or campus, Uditer electric longboards are a good choice, longer range and no more anxiety about running out of power.

3. Different Riding Experience

If you are seeking a portable electric skateboard for short commutes, navigating crowded areas, and performing tricks, electric shortboards will be your best choice. On the other hand, electric longboards are an excellent choice for daily commuting, long rides, or leisurely cruises. Their stability and range make them ideal for covering longer distances. An unlimited and boundless range of Uditer electric skateboards provide a comfortable riding experience with the bamboo+fiberglass flexible deck and longer range commuting with the quick-removable battery design.

Both the electric shortboards and longboards are suitable for commuting, select the one which is fit for your needs, riding preferences, and the terrain. If you are a beginner, you can pick one electric skateboard with a removable handlebar, such as Uditer electric skateboard. It can help you make balance and conquer the fear of falling on your first ride. Anyway, choosing an electric skateboard that suits you is the best board.

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