Maintenance Tips: How to Clean and Maintain Electric Skateboard

Uditer S3 Swappable Battery Electric Skateboard

Your electric skateboard accompanies your daily commute, cruising through roads, avoiding congested traffic, and safely and joyfully transporting you to your destination, offering an exciting travel experience to you. As the owner of the electric skateboard, it's essential to understand how to properly maintain the electric skateboard to ensure each component remains in optimal condition, functions effectively, and continues to enhance your travels.

Maintaining your electric skateboard includes regularly cleaning, properly storing, and periodically inspecting. In this blog post, we've outlined how to correctly clean your electric skateboard, how to maintain the electric skateboard battery, and how to ensure safe riding. These insights will ensure that every component of your electric skateboard operates at its best during each ride, enhancing your overall riding experience.

How to Clean the Electric Skateboard Wheels?

1. The first step is taking the wheels off, and then using a soft brush or toothbrush to gently scrub the surface of the wheels.

2. Remove and Clean the Bearings: If there is dust in the bearings, you should swap them out, and clean them. If desired, apply a small amount of skateboard bearing lubricant or grease to the bearings to ensure smooth rotation and reduce friction. 

3. Inspect all nuts: Using the Nylon nuts instead of the regular nuts prevents unscrewing off the wheel while riding. Test the electric skateboard to ensure the wheels rotate smoothly and there are no issues with performance before assembling. 

How to Clean the Electric Skateboard Motors?

You can use a soft brush or toothbrush to gently brush off any dirt, dust, or debris on the motors. If there remaining dust is hard to brush off, you can take a dry cloth to remove it. Avoid using harsh chemicals or solvents as they can damage the electric skateboard motor's components. Don't apply too much pressure to avoid damaging the components of electric skateboard motors. 

How to Clean the Electric Skateboard Grip Tape?

The surfaced dirt or dust can be easily removed by using a grip gum. If there are some stubborn stains on the grip tape, it is hard to remove them by only using grip gum. Then how to solve the deep dust on the grip tape? Here is a small tip: Dip the brush into the water, and with gentle motions, work on the stubborn dirt. As it loosens, use the rags or paper towels to absorb the dust. Repeat until the grip tape is clean. 

If there remains dust on the grip tape, you can use the grip gum once more to remove any remaining dust or particles after the grip tape has completely dried. You can use a hair dryer to dry the grip tape fast.

If your skateboard's grip tape is significantly worn or damaged, it's advisable to replace it promptly for optimal performance.

How to Maintain Electric Skateboard Battery?

• Regular Check 

1. Check Battery Appearance: To ensure the battery of your electric skateboard can work at its best, you should usually check if there are any signs of damage or wear on the battery and its connector wires. The broken battery would cause a short circuit and pose a safety risk while riding the electric skateboard. It is necessary to replace a new battery promptly if the battery is broken.

2. Check Electric Skateboard Range: Most electric skateboard batteries on the market are lithium batteries, and the lifespan of each lithium battery is limited. their lifespan decreases with an increase in usage frequency. If you find the range of your electric skateboard has decreased one day, this may indicate that the battery of your electric skateboard needs to be replaced. 

3. Check Battery Temperature: You should pay attention to the temperature of the battery while riding or charging your electric skateboard. Don't let the battery of your electric skateboard become excessively hot. If the battery becomes excessively hot, it could be a sign of a malfunction or overcharging. 

• Charging and Discharging

1. Use the Proper Charger: You should always use the charger provided by the brand of your electric skateboard. Using an incompatible charger to charge your electric skateboard may easily damage your electric skateboard. 

2. Do Not Overcharging: Once the electric skateboard battery is fully charged, you should unplug the charger from the charging port. Overcharging is bad for the battery's lifespan.

• Storage and Usage

1. Store in a Cool, Dry Place: Excessively cold or hot environments are bad for electric skateboard storage. When you don't ride the electric skateboard for some time in winter, you should store your electric skateboard in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Don't ride your electric skateboard in the extreme temperatures. 

2. Avoid Over-drain the Battery: If you plan to store your electric skateboard for a long period, you should charge it every half month. Deep discharging may reduce the battery's lifespan and the electric skateboard range.

3. Do Not Ride in the Rain: Even though some electric skateboard brands advertise their electric skateboard are waterproof, we don't recommend you ride the electric skateboard in water since Electric skateboard batteries and components are not fully waterproof. If you didn't completely dry the electric skateboard after riding in water, it would damage your electric skateboard. You should avoid riding the electric skateboard in wet conditions or exposing the battery to water as it can damage the internal electric components.

How to Make Sure Your Electric Skateboard Are Safe Before Riding?

• Accessories Checks

1. Check the Deck: Ensure that the decks of your electric skateboard don't have any cracks, splits, or signs of damage. Check if the grip tape is intact and provides sufficient traction.

2. Check the Trucks: Examine the trucks for any signs of bending, cracking, or loose components.

3. Check the Wheels and Belt: If your electric skateboard has a belt-driven motor, check the belt for wear and proper tension. Ensure the wheels spin freely and are securely attached to the axles.

4. Check the Battery and Electronics: Check the battery pack and electronic components for any visible damage, bulging, or signs of corrosion. Ensure all connections are secure and there are no exposed wires.

• Functional Checks

Test the Remote Control: Turn on the remote control and ensure it pairs with the electric skateboard correctly. Test all buttons and functions to ensure they work as expected, especially the acceleration and braking functions. Ensure the remote is fully charged before riding.

• Safety Gear

1. Check Your Safety Gear: Before riding, ensure you are wearing appropriate safety gear, such as a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. Check the condition of your safety gear for any signs of wear or damage.

2. Inspect Your Footwear: Wear appropriate footwear with good grip to ensure you have optimal control over the electric skateboard.


When you are popping on electric skateboards, they not only transfer you forward but also provide unforgettable adventures, memories, and exhilarating moments. The pleasure of cruising through the road, the freedom of outpacing traffic, and the adventures that come with every twist and turn are unparalleled. However, to keep this amazing experience alive, it's important to care for your trusty electric companion.

From how to clean the electric skateboard to how to maintain your electric skateboard battery, every aspect plays a crucial role in caring for your electric skateboard. You're not just riding an electric skateboard if you know how to properly maintain your electric skateboard, you're embracing a lifestyle that values adventure, sustainability, and the sheer thrill of the ride. 

So, cherish your electric skateboard, for it's not just a mode of transport but a gateway to unparalleled experiences. Ride on, maintain diligently, and let the adventures unfold!

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