Uditer S3 Electric Skateboard Unleashes High-Powered Upgrades

Powerful Electric Skateboard with Swappable Battery

The Uditer Board team has always been attentive to consumer feedback and committed to designing products that meet the ideal high-performance electric skateboard envisioned by consumers. Since the inception of the Uditer brand, we have consistently upgraded and improved our products. Let's take a look back at the upgrades made to the Uditer S3 in the new year that are set to revolutionize your riding experience!

Dual Removable Batteries, Endless Range

Old Version: Built-in Battery | New Upgrade: Swappable Battery for Endless Range

The max range of the electric skateboard has always been one of the key performance aspects that riders pay close attention to when choosing an electric skateboard. So, what is the most convenient and effective way to increase the range of electric skateboards? The Uditer Board team has designed removable batteries for electric skateboards. When your electric skateboard runs out of power, you can easily replace the battery without any tools and continue your ride.

Additionally, Uditer S3 has amped up the maximum range of an electric skateboard by equipping dual swappable batteries for one board! Bring a spare battery in your backpack and say goodbye to the range anxiety as you effortlessly snap in a new fully charged battery, doubling your riding distance.

swappable battery electric skateboard all terrain

You might be wondering if the removable battery of the Uditer electric skateboard is prone to falling off during rides or if the exposed battery could get damaged by small stones on the road. The answer is "no, the Uditer swappable battery is stable and not easy to damage. The Uditer team designed a strong battery case to protect each cell of the battery, the battery case is made of Anti-collision and anti-fall silicone, and it's tough enough to absorb the impact of obstacles on the road. Additionally, Uditer's removable battery uses a buckle-style installation, ensuring a secure fit that is not easily detached. We conducted tests by dropping the Uditer S3 electric skateboard from a height of 3 meters, and the battery remained firmly in place inside its casing without falling out. Additionally, the electric skateboard sustained no damage from the test.

safe swappable battery electric skateboard

Snap and Go: The Connector Revolution

Old Version: Big Connectors | New Upgrade: Smaller Connectors

The devil is in the details, and Uditer knows it. The upgraded smaller battery connector isn't just a size reduction, it's a leap in convenience. The original battery connector is MT60, and the upgraded connector is MT30. The size of the MT30 is smaller than that of the MT60, there is more space to let the connector plug fit snugly into the groove on the battery. With the upgraded MT30 connector, the swappable battery of the Uditer electric skateboard will be more easily to install. Effortlessly snap the battery into its base, and you're ready to roll. No more wrestling with connectors, it's time to snap and conquer the streets!

Electric Skateboard Removable Battery

Roll in Style: 105mm Wheels

Old Version: 90mm PU Wheels | New Upgrade: 105mm Nimbus Wheels for the Ultimate Glide

Enjoy smoother rides and enhanced stability with the Uditer S3, now equipped with 105mm Nimbus wheels. Crafted from highly abrasion-resistant PU material, these wheels ensure durability for a mileage of at least 10,000 kilometers. Keep an eye on the orange warning line on our wheels – when the wear reaches this point, it's time to replace them. Whether navigating urban landscapes or cruising the open road, these wheels elevate your ride, providing a comfortable and smooth electric skateboard riding experience. 

105mm Wheels Electric Skateboard All Terrain

Unleash the Beast: 1200W Motors

Old Version: 400W Motors | New Upgrade: 600W Dual Motors 

Power defines performance, and the Uditer S3 understands this language perfectly. The upgraded 600W dual motors translate to electrifying acceleration and thrilling top speeds. With Uditer S3, you can smoothly cruise through various terrains and conquer uphill challenges. The impressive uphill ability of 30% means that the Uditer S3 can climb hills with ease. Whether conquering the streets or embarking on hillside adventures, the 600W dual motors guarantee a smooth ride with Uditer S3.

Electric Skatebord Go Uphill

Seamless Control: Linyi 2.0 Smooth ESC

Old Version: Linyi 1.0 | New Upgrade: Linyi 2.0 Smooth ESC for Effortless Control

Uditer S3 glides into the future with an upgraded Electronic Speed Control (ESC), offering a ride that is not just powerful but remarkably smooth. Experience effortless acceleration and deceleration – because control should be as thrilling as speed. Compared to LinYi 1.0, LinYi 2.0 saves 21% more energy and exhibits 37% less responsive time, enhancing your overall riding experience.

Electric Skateboard Smart ESC.gif

Steady and Sturdy: 8 Inches Truck Upgrade

Old Version: 7 inches Trucks | New Upgrade: 8 inches Trucks for Sturdy Control

Compared with the 7-inch trucks electric skateboards in the market, the Uditer S3 now rides on a more robust foundation with an 8-inch truck upgrade. This improvement enhances stability and control, giving you the confidence to push your limits. Whether you're cruising at high speeds or tackling tight turns, the 8-inch truck provides a steady and sturdy platform for an exhilarating ride.

electric skateboard hub motor truck


Each enhanced feature of the Uditer S3 has been carefully designed, taking into account consumer feedback and aiming to continuously improve your electric skateboarding experience. The mission of the Uditer Team has always been to design a cost-effective electric skateboard that riders, whether beginners or professionals, can trust and rely on. From the one electric skateboard with two removable batteries, simplified connectors, larger wheels, more powerful motors, and seamless ESC, to the wider trucks - these upgrades represent not just advancements but the ongoing progress of Uditer Board.

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