What Role Do Trucks on Electric Skateboard Play?

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Trucks are an essential part of the electric skateboard. The tightness of trucks will affect both the stability and maneuverability of an electric skateboard. Do you know how to adjust the tightness of trucks according to your riding style? Today we will talk about what is the difference between tighter trucks and looser trucks. How tight or loose of trucks depend on your riding style.

Difference Between the Tighter Trucks and Looser Trucks

• Tighter Trucks

Tighter trucks offer more stability at high speeds, it is suitable for downhill riding and cruising in a high-speed mode. When the trucks are tight, the electric board is more stable and less speed wobbles at high speeds. However, if the trucks are too tight, your electric skateboard will become harder to turn, making it more difficult to maneuver around obstacles and make quick turns.

• Looser Trucks

On the other hand, looser trucks provide more maneuverability when riding. You can make quick and sharp turns, pivot, and carve with ease. However, looser trucks also make the board less stable at high speeds, increasing the risk of speed wobbles.

Uditer 8inches CNC Trucks

The 8-inch aluminum CNC trucks of Uditer electric skateboards are wider than the other normal 7-inch trucks in the market. They provide more stability for electric skateboards. Even if at high-speed mode, the e-skateboard will not easy to speed wobble, you will get a comfortable riding experience by riding Uditer electric skateboard.

How to Adjusting the Truck?

1. Identify which truck is causing the wobbles. This can usually be determined by riding the board and feeling which wheel is unstable.

2. Tighten or loosen the nut on the truck. This is the nut that is located in the middle of the truck. Use a wrench to loosen it.

3. If the wheel wobbles are occurring in the front of the board, tighten the front truck. If the wobbles are occurring in the back of the board, tighten the back truck. Tightening the truck will make the board more stable, while loosening it will make the board more maneuverable.                                                              


In general, riders who enjoy cruising at higher speeds may prefer tighter trucks to provide more stability, while those who enjoy performing tricks and sharp turns may prefer looser trucks to enhance their maneuverability. Finding the balance between stability and maneuverability can provide with a smooth and enjoyable riding experience. By adjusting the tightness of the trucks to suit your weight and riding style, you can how much fun your electric skateboard is.

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