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How to Safe Speed Up and Brake on Your Electric Skateboard?

How to Safe Speed Up and Brake on Your Electric Skateboard?

Safety should always be a top priority when riding an electric skateboard. To ensure a smooth and secure ride, in addition to wearing protective gear, it is essential to use your remote control correctly to speed up or slow down your skateboard when riding. We will share essential tips to help you master safe acceleration and deceleration techniques, allowing you to confidently navigate your electric skateboard and enjoy the journey without compromising on safety.    

How to safe accelerate and decelerate?

1) Start Gradually:

When accelerating on your electric skateboard, avoid abruptly slamming the throttle to full speed. Instead, start gradually by gently increasing the throttle or using the remote control's acceleration feature. This controlled approach will allow you to maintain stability and avoid sudden jerks that could lead to balance issues or potential falls.

2) Maintain a Balanced Stance:

A balanced stance is key to safe acceleration. Keep your feet evenly spaced and parallel on the deck, with your knees slightly bent for stability. Distribute your weight evenly over the skateboard, allowing for better control during acceleration and minimizing the risk of losing balance.

3) Be Mindful of Terrain:

The terrain you ride on plays a significant role in how you accelerate. On smooth and flat surfaces, you can accelerate more confidently and steadily. However, when riding on rough or uneven terrain, exercise caution and adjust your acceleration accordingly to avoid potential hazards.

4) Braking Gradually:

When decelerating, avoid slamming the brakes suddenly, as this can lead to a loss of control and potential accidents. Gradually ease off the throttle or apply gentle pressure to the brake to slow down smoothly. Practicing controlled braking will help you maintain stability and react effectively to any unexpected obstacles.

5) Look Ahead and Anticipate:

Maintain awareness of your surroundings and look ahead while riding. Anticipate potential obstacles, pedestrians, or traffic, and adjust your acceleration and deceleration accordingly. Being proactive in your riding approach will help you respond to changes in the environment and avoid abrupt braking or acceleration.

6) Practice in Controlled Environments:

If you are new to electric skateboarding or want to improve your acceleration and deceleration skills, practice in controlled environments. Seek out open spaces with smooth terrain, where you can focus on mastering these techniques without distractions or hazards.


Safe acceleration and deceleration are essential skills for any electric skateboard rider. By starting gradually, maintaining a balanced stance, being mindful of the terrain, braking gradually, looking ahead, and practicing in controlled environments, you can confidently ride your electric skateboard while prioritizing safety. Embrace these tips and make responsible riding habits a part of your electric skateboarding journey. By doing so, you'll ensure a thrilling and enjoyable ride while keeping safety at the forefront of your adventures.

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