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8 Factors You Should Consider Before Purchasing Electric Skateboard

8 Factors You Should Consider Before Purchasing Electric Skateboard

Are you a beginner at skateboarding? Are you thinking about how to analyze whether an e-skateboard suit you or not? Well, you must read this blog. Please get clear knowledge of the meaning of each skateboard feature.

Here are 8 factors that depend on your skateboard's performance.

The energy of the Battery

As we all know, the range of miles is one of the factors we attach importance to. So what is the best important factor? Well, it is the energy of the Battery.Uditer electric skateboardshave a detachable battery design in 5 seconds. The energy of the Uditer battery is 10S3P/18650/7.8A/328Wh. It can provide a range of 20–25 miles / 35-40 km.

Moreover, the detachable battery design can double the range of miles. You can quickly and easily swap the Battery when it is out of energy. No more low-battery anxiety!

the detachable battery design

Charging Time 

Someone may be doubted whether it takes a long time to charge such a large-capacity battery. No worries about that! The uditer team create the two charging ports to solve this problem. You can use both charging ports to charge the battery simultaneously. If you have two chargers, the charging time will be reduced from 4 to 2 hours.

charge the battery simultaneously

Deck Material

Why is the deck material one of the important factors affecting performance? If the skateboard's deck is strong, lightweight, and elastic, it can easily bring you a more flexible and sturdier cruising experience. You don't need to carry a heavy board when you walk up and down stairs. The deck of the Uditer skateboard is made of more expensive bamboo and fibreglass. The longboard deck is more elastic and soft, far less prone to breakage than other normal maple boards. It can support a weight of up to 330 lbs, offering a more comfortable and safer ride.

the material of the skateboard

Size of Wheels

The wheels' longer diameter and wider width do not easily track slip when you go skateboarding. It can make it easy to go through the barrier on the road. Uditer 105*62 mm nimbus wheels will make your turns more stable, avoid speed swings, and give you a great ride on bumps Shock-absorbing performance on the road, giving you the perfect balance between agility and stability.

Uditer 105*62 mm nimbus wheels

Power of Motor

The more powerful motor will provide more skateboarding power and insane acceleration for the skateboard. Uditer skateboard has a 2*600W hub-motors design, easily providing stronger torque, insane acceleration, and reliable braking with lower noise at a top speed of 28mph. You can cruise on campus, commute inside your city, climb hills, etc. It has a range of 20-25 miles on smooth roads once fully charged.

Uditer skateboard has a 2*600W hub-motors design

Size of Trucks

The trucks' size will affect the skateboard's stability and speed. Compared to most skateboards on the market, the Uditer skateboard's trucks are designed as 8 inches, while most others are 7 inches. Uditer team designed high tensile CNC magnesium-aluminium alloy trucks, which can improve stability in high-speed riding.

the Uditer skateboard's trucks are designed as 8 inches

Smart Connection Remote

The remote is a part of the skateboard. The sensitivity of the remote will affect the skateboarding experience. The Uditer W3/S3 skateboard remote is an LCD smart remote with 4 grades of adjustable speed. Low:13mph/20 km/h; Medium:19mph/30 km/h; High:25mph/40 km/h; Pro:28mph/45 km/h; The new shape design is comfortable for holding on your hand.

Uditer W3/S3 skateboard remote

Affordable Price

Compared with most of the skateboards in the market, the price of the Uditer skateboard is affordable. For only $499, you will get a range of 25 miles, double batteries, good material, and a high-power electric skateboard.Shop our electric skateboard and get a high-performance skateboard at an amazing price.

the price of the Uditer skateboard is affordable.
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