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How Does UDITER Board Solves the Battery Life Anxiety?

How Does UDITER Board Solves the Battery Life Anxiety?

Battery life is one of the major concerns for electric skateboard users. Long battery life means longer range miles, less waiting time for charging, and more fun on the board. But how do electric skateboard companies solve this issue in the market at present? In this blog, we will discuss the most common solutions to solve the battery life anxiety of the electric board.

1. Increasing the Battery Capacity

This is the most common way to increase the range miles of an electric board. By increasing the battery capacity, the range of the e-skateboard increases, but so does the weight and the cost of the e-board. 

2. Creating the Fast Charging Charger

Fast charging aims to shorten the charging time of an electric skateboard, reducing the waiting time for the riders. However, owing to the current fastest charging technology of the e-board, it still takes 2 hours to get a full charge, which is still a long time to wait. There is no difference between 2 hours and 4 hours if your skateboard runs out of power outside. Moreover, fast charging technology requires more expensive chargers and battery BMS systems, which means the costs of the skateboard also are increased.

3. Detachable Battery

A detachable battery design is the most effective way to solve the problem of battery life. Many electric skateboard brands have used this design on their skateboards. However, other problems also go along with it. For instance, the drawer-type removable battery will loosen or fall, due to the long ride on a skateboard. Besides, vibrations in the skateboard will cause the disconnection of the plug, leading to safety issues.

Some other e-skateboard brands designed a battery case with some screws to avoid the safety issues caused by poor contact and loose battery. It is a good way to avoid the problem, but not the best way to solve the anxiety of the battery life. It will take some time to loosen the screws, and you need to carry the screwdriver when you go for a ride. It is a tedious way to replace the battery.

Is there any other convenient way to swap the battery and provide a longer range? Yep! UDITER electric skateboard team designed a battery that can be swapped in 5 seconds, to solve battery life anxiety. You can bring one spare battery in your backpack, it can be quickly replaced when your original battery run out of power, your riding will be stress-free, no need to worry about running out of power. The buckle-type installation battery design is sturdy, and won't loose or fall when skateboarding. Besides, UDITER battery capacity is large enough, 328Wh 42V 7.8A battery (30 cells each) with a range of 25 miles/35 kilometers. UDITER swappable battery not only conveniently provides a long battery life but also keeps the skateboard lightweight and affordable. $499 only, riders can get 50 miles range (2 batteries set). Riders can save charging time and get double range if they get one UDITER e-board.

In conclusion, electric skateboard companies have tried various ways to address the battery life anxiety of riders. From increasing the battery capacity to fast charging and detachable battery design, only the UDITER electric skateboard offers a unique swappable battery design ways that provide long battery life and a convenient replacement process. Pick one UDITER skateboard, get double batteries, double ranges, and double happy!

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