Are Electric Skateboards Worth It?

are electric skateboard worth it
Electric skateboards offer numerous benefits that cater to a wide range of riders and preferences. It's important to evaluate whether electric skateboards are worth it before purchasing an electric skateboard, particularly for beginners. Because beginners might not be well-acquainted with electric skateboards and their associated benefits. Indeed, electric skateboards are for those looking to redefine their daily commute or simply experience the thrill of skateboarding in a new way. It's advisable to contemplate the intended purpose of your electric skateboard before making a purchase. In this blog, we will discuss whether electric skateboards are worth it by the benefits and disadvantages of electric skateboards, and you may have a brief idea after considering these factors.

How often do you ride your electric skateboard?

The most important thing you should consider before purchasing is how will you use the electric skateboard. If you want to get a high-performance and good brand reputation electric skateboard, the price would be expensive. You should make sure you will ride the electric skateboard in your daily life before purchasing. Whether you plan to use a skateboard for your daily commute or as a hobby, as long as the electric skateboard brings you convenience and fun, it's a worthy skateboard.

electric skateboard

How to Choose a Suitable Electric Skateboard?

You should consider some key factors if you are a beginner who plans to purchase an electric skateboard. 

1. Deck Materials

Beginner electric skateboards should typically have a wider, longer, and flexible deck, which offers greater stability and control. These features make it easier for newcomers to balance and maneuver.

flexible deck electric skateboard

2. Motor Power

Dual hub motors provide a good balance of speed and control for beginner riders. More powerful setups or belt-driven electric skateboards may be challenging for beginners.

powerful motor electric skateboard

3. Battery Capacity and Range 

For beginners, a board with a moderate range should suffice. A range of 10-15 miles (16-24 kilometers) is generally adequate for learning and commuting. Some electric skateboards on the market are designed with removable batteries, which is a good choice for beginners or different-level riders.

removable batteries electric skateboard

4. Safety Features

Choosing a reputable brand with a history of producing quality electric skateboards can avoid a lot of quality issues happening on your board, providing a safety guarantee for your daily riding. Keep an eye on the warranty offered by the manufacturer and the availability of customer support when selecting an electric skateboard.

safe electric skateboard

5. Price

Choosing an electric skateboard is suitable for your budget and riding style. As for beginners, we don't recommend choosing a complicated electric skateboard with too high performance, it is hard for beginners to control and practice. Purchasing an entry-level electric skateboard is suitable for beginners, typically ranging from $300 to $600.

Valuable electric skateboard

Benefits of Riding Electric Skateboard

Whether you're a commuter looking for a convenient mode of transportation or an adrenaline junkie seeking thrills, here are some of the advantages of electric skateboards:

• Avoid Traffic Congestion in Your Daily Commute

If you are seeking a swift and efficient mode of transportation, electric skateboards are suitable for you. You can weave through traffic and avoid congestion, making your daily commute more manageable. No need to waste time on the peak hour traffic congestion.

long rang electric skateboard with swappable battery

• More Convenient than Public Transportation

Riding an electric skateboard to work and school is more convenient than public transportation. You can enjoy the convenience of the first mile and last mile on your electric skateboards, owing to their compact, lightweight, and easy to carry. You can take them on public transport and store them in small spaces, no need to walk through several streets or blocks to go to the train or bus station. Jumping on the electric skateboard after getting off from public transportation, you can enjoy long distances of public transportation and the convenience of electric skateboards.


• Save Your Money 

You save on fuel, parking, and maintenance expenses if you have an electric skateboard. It is more cost-effective compared to traditional vehicles and more convenient than electric bikes owing to its lightweight. You can bypass parking challenges and costs associated with traditional vehicles. Simply grab your skateboard and go.

best budget electric skateboard

• Eco-Friendly Transportation

Electric skateboards are an eco-conscious mode of travel. They produce zero emissions, reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a cleaner environment.

ecofriendly electrc skateboard

• A Lot of Fun and Enjoyable

You can get a lot of fun when riding an electric skateboard. It's a great way to infuse some excitement into your daily commute or simply to have fun with friends. Besides, you can join local riding groups or clubs and have enjoyable social experiences.

a lot of fun electric skateboard

• Good for Your Health

Riding an electric skateboard is not only good for your physical but also mental health. You need to use the core muscles for balance and stability when skateboarding, it can practice your muscles and become stronger day by day. Additionally, you would spend more time outdoors if you have an electric skateboard, which means you have more time to enjoy the nature views and sun, it is also good for your mental health.

 electric skateboard benefits to health

Disadvantages of Riding Electric Skateboards

While electric skateboards offer numerous advantages, they also come with some disadvantages and potential challenges that riders should be aware of. Here are the disadvantages of riding electric skateboards

• No Good for Long Distance Commutes

Electric skateboards are equipped with batteries, which means they have a limited range before needing a recharge. Long-distance riders may find this limitation frustrating. However, some electric skateboards in the market are designed with quick removable batteries, you can bring some spare batteries in your backpack to get more range riding, it is a good solution for the limited range.   

 Several Hours of Charging Time

The same as an electric bike, you need to charge an electric skateboard when running out of power. Charging an electric skateboard typically takes several hours, it's annoying if you are in a rush. You may need to find a place to charge them and wait for a significant amount of time before you can continue your journey. However, this problem can be solved by the removable batteries of electric skateboards, you just need to replace a spare battery on the board, and easy to continue your riding.

 2 charging ports of Uditer S3

• Heavy to Carry 

While they're more portable than many other forms of transportation, electric skateboards are not as lightweight as traditional skateboards. Carrying them up flights of stairs can be tiring. While electric skateboards come in all sizes. You can find one that isn’t a hassle for you and plan the routine before riding. 

lightweight electric skateboard

• Terrain Limitations

Electric skateboards perform best on smooth and flat terrain. If you ride on rough roads, uneven surfaces, or steep hills for a long time, you will feel tired and uncomfortable. Besides, the speed and performance of electric skateboard can be affected by the rough terrain, bringing an unpleasant riding experience.

electric skateboard for all terrain

• Would Be Dangerous

Riding an electric skateboard poses safety risks. If you aren't familiar with how to control them, you will fall off, collide with obstacles, or be involved in accidents with other vehicles. But each commute way poses a relevant risk, what you should do is wear gear and obey all rules to protect yourselves. 
For Example:
1. You must be familiar with all the functions of your electric skateboard and practice before riding on an open road.
2. Wearing a helmet and pads is important when riding an electric skateboard.
3. Follow the traffic rules and laws in your local. 

safety electric skateboard

• Extra Maintenance Cost

Even though you don't need to spend on fuel, parking, and expensive maintenance costs when riding an electric skateboard, it requires regular maintenance, such as wheels, belts, and motors, and the battery can wear out and need replacement. 

electric longboard

• Limited by Weather 

Riding an electric skateboard would be affected by the weather. Rain, snow, or wet surfaces can be hazardous. The bad weather not only affects the riding experience but also damages the electrical components. Even though some electric skateboards are advertised as waterproof, we still don't recommend riding the electric skateboard on a rainy day or wet road. The electric components would be damaged and cause short circuits if you don't know how to dry them completely. Additionally, riding an electric skateboard in extreme cold weather would affect the power and function of the battery, it isn't recommended either.

electric skateboard waterproof


So, are electric skateboards worth it? The answer lies in your specific needs and preferences. If you're seeking an efficient, fun, and eco-conscious way to navigate your urban environment, electric skateboards are an appealing choice. However, the upfront cost, safety considerations, and your circumstances must all be factored in. I think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of riding an electric skateboard. Just wearing the safety gear and following the rules, you can enjoy this convenient and efficient transportation way with your friends.

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