How Fast Do Electric Skateboards Go?

How fast does electric skateboard go?

How fast an electric skateboard is one of the main features you would consider when you are selecting an electric skateboard. In fact, the electric skateboard speed depends on different factors, such as motor power, battery, wheel size, riding terrain, rider weight, and riding position. Even if it is the same model electric skateboard, different riders have different top speeds. In this blog, we'll dive into how fast are electric skateboards in the market, explore the factors that would affect the speed, and how to safely ride electric skateboards.

Top Speed of Electric Skateboards

The top speed of electric skateboards on the market can reach 15~30mph (24~48kph. Some advanced or customized electric skateboards can reach more than 30mph. Different models and components of the electric skateboard would affect the top speed. Most of the electric skateboards on the market provide different gears of speed for different levels of riders to adjust. We recommend beginner riders typically start around 10 to 13mph, this speed offers a safe and manageable speed to get started. You can step it up with speeds ranging from 19 to 25 mph after you are familiar with all the functions of the electric skateboard, and know how to keep balance and flexible turning. You can reach 25 mph and even exceed this mark if you can master electric skateboard skills well. It is worth noting that wearing a helmet and protective gear is one of the important steps you must do before each ride whether you're a beginner or a pro rider.

High performance electric skateboard

What Factors Affect Electric Skateboard Speed?

You will know how to make the electric skateboard go faster or how to build a faster electric skateboard by yourself after you figure out what factors would affect the electric skateboard's speed.

• Power of Motor

The wattage of the motors is one of the crucial factors that determine the speed. Most electric skateboards in the market are designed with dual motors, some higher performance would have four motors on each wheel. Higher wattage motors can provide more torque, thus getting faster acceleration and higher top speeds. Thus, you should keep an eye on the power of motors when selecting an electric skateboard.

powerful electric skateboard

• Battery Capacity

Battery capacity plays a crucial role in determining how long the high speeds can be sustained on an electric skateboard which directly impacts speed. A large-capacity battery can provide more energy to the motor to sustain higher speeds in longer-distance riding.

Long Range Electric Skateboard with Removable Batteries

• Wheel Size and Materials

Larger wheels can cover more ground per rotation, which can contribute to higher speeds. The durometer (hardness) of the wheels can also affect speed and ride comfort. Softer wheels may provide a smoother ride but can slow the board down.

entry level electric skateboard with 105mm Nimbus wheels

• Riding Terrain

The type of terrain you're riding on can impact speed. Smoother and flatter terrains will allow for higher speeds, whereas rough or hilly terrain can slow the board down. Higher speeds can be achieved by reduced friction. If less friction and resistance between the wheels of an electric skateboard and the ground, the electric skateboard can move more easily and achieve higher speeds.

electric skateboard for all terrains

• Rider Weight

The weight of the rider can influence the speed of the electric skateboard. Heavier riders may experience slightly reduced top speeds compared to lighter riders because the motor has to work harder, and more battery power has to be provided to the motors, the range will be shorter as well.

• Rider's body position

To reduce wind resistance (also known as drag), it's essential to adopt a more aerodynamic posture. This means crouching down, keeping your body low and close to the board, and minimizing any protruding body parts. The more streamlined your body position, the less wind resistance you'll encounter, allowing you to achieve and maintain higher speeds. Rider's body's center of gravity also affects the skateboard's stability and speed. Proper weight distribution helps maintain control at high speeds.

How to Safely Ride an Electric Skateboard?

• Wear Protective Gear

Whether you are a beginner rider or a pro rider, you should wear a helmet, gloves, and pads to protect yourself on each ride!

• Know Your Skill Level

Ride within your skill level, and don't push the speed boundaries until you're confident.

• Braking

Ensure you're confident in your ability to brake effectively at high speeds.

• Adhere to Traffic Rules

Obey traffic rules and ride responsibly. Be aware of local regulations regarding electric skateboards.

• Regular Maintenance

Keep your skateboard in excellent working condition, especially the brakes and wheels.

Fast electric skateboard


The high speed of electric skateboards is impacted by many different factors. Selecting the proper speed that is suitable for your riding style and always wearing a helmet and pads to protect yourself, you'll have an exhilarating and safe electric skateboarding experience.

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