How Long Does an Electric Skateboard Battery Last?

How Long Does an Electric Skateboard Battery Last?

Batteries as the heart of the electric skateboard, they power the motor and determine how many range you can ride with your electric skateboard. How long does an electric skateboard battery last? It is a question hard to answer because battery life is affected by many factors, including battery type, usage pattern, fast charging, and maintenance. In this blog, we'll delve into the factors that influence the lifespan of an electric skateboard battery and provide insights into how you can extend its longevity.

What Factors Would Affect the Battery Life Span?

• What Type of Battery Do You Have

Lithium-ion batteries are the prevalent choice for electric skateboards because of their remarkable energy density, lightweight composition, and extended cycle life. These batteries can usually withstand approximately 300 to 1,000 charge cycles before their capacity dips to roughly 80% of their initial capability. The number of charge cycles a battery can undergo before experiencing notable capacity decline is a pivotal determinant of its overall longevity. Thus, premium Li-ion batteries typically offer a higher number of charge cycles within this spectrum, whereas batteries of lower quality may provide fewer cycles before facing such issues.

• Usage Pattern of Your Electric Skateboard

How you use your electric skateboard is another factor you should consider that would greatly influence battery life. If you only ride the electric skateboard for a short commute every day and do not frequently ride it, the battery of your electric skateboard will last longer than if you ride it for a long-distance commute. Batteries would work effort to keep the ESC and motor working if an electric skateboard is your frequently commuting transportation, which causes it to drain its life faster at the same time. The more you deplete and recharge the battery, the shorter its lifespan will be. As a result, choosing a good product quality battery and a high brand reputation electric skateboard is what we need to do.

• Fast Charging the Electric Skateboard Battery

Fast charging would impact the life of electric skateboard batteries, and it's generally not recommended for the battery's long-term health. Fast charging generates more heat in the battery which may reduce its overall lifespan. Moreover, it pushes more current into the battery at a quicker rate. This can stress the battery and its components, potentially leading to quicker degradation.

• Proper Maintenance Electric Skateboard

Improper maintenance would affect the lifespan of your electric skateboard battery. Regularly check the battery's connections, clean the electrical components, and ensure that the battery is well-ventilated to prevent overheating. Also, avoid storing your electric skateboard in extremely hot or cold environments, as temperature extremes can harm the battery. Avoid leaving your electric skateboard in direct sunlight on a scorching day or in freezing conditions for extended periods.

The Average Life Span of Electric Skateboard Battery

The average lifespan of a lithium battery on an electric skateboard typically ranges from 2 to 4 years. But it can vary based on several factors which I mentioned in the above paragraph, battery type, Usage Pattern, fast charging, and maintenance.

What Should I Do to Extend Battery Life?

• Charged Battery Regularly But Not Overcharged 

If you don't ride the electric skateboard and store it for a long time, you should charge it once every half month or a month. Because the battery will self-discharge even though you don't ride it and just store it for a long time. However, overcharging the battery should be avoided. Don't keep the electric skateboard connected to the charger once it has reached a full charge. Once the battery is fully charged, be sure to disconnect the plug. Overcharged could potentially have adverse effects on the battery's longevity and result in undue stress on the battery. Additionally, always use the charger supplied by the manufacturer to ensure compatibility and safeguard the battery from any potential harm.

• Avoid Over-Draining

Try not to ride the electric skateboard until the battery is empty. Ending your rides with some battery capacity remaining is better for the battery's health.

• Store Properly

Electric skateboards should be stored properly to avoid extreme environmental harm to the battery. Store it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures if you plan not to ride the electric skateboard for a long period.


The lifespan of both batteries and skateboards can be affected by several different factors. Make sure the battery of your electric skateboard is charged smart and charged right if you are always riding an electric skateboard as daily commute transportation. Good product quality with good maintenance and the proper charge will last longer so that the electric skateboard can provide you with a happy and comfortable riding experience. While no battery lasts forever, you can maximize its longevity through proper maintenance, avoiding extreme conditions, and adopting good charging habits. 

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