How Much Does an Electric Skateboard Cost?

Uditer long ranges electric skateboard with removable batteries

The cost of an electric skateboard depends on many factors, such as brand, battery capacity, motor, deck, maintenance, etc. Besides, the different electric skateboards, which are suitable for different riding style and terrains, have different prices. Most electric skateboards on the market range from $150~$2000 according to different qualities and performances. You should consider your riding style and budget to select a suitable electric skateboard. We'll explore the different factors that influence the cost of an electric skateboard in this blog, helping you make an informed decision about what factors you should pay for this exciting mode of transportation.

Factors Would Affect the Electric Skateboard Price

Prices of electric skateboards vary widely, ranging from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars. The cost depends largely on the brand, model, features, and build quality. Before figuring out what factors you should pay for an electric skateboard, you should know what factors may affect the price, and corresponding with your riding requirements, you can make an informed decision.

According to the cost of electric skateboards, they can be classified into the following:

• Electric Skateboards for Beginners: $150~$799
• Electric Skateboards for Mid-range riders: $800~$1499
• Electric Skateboard for Pro Riders: $1500~$200
• Electric Skateboard for Premium Riders: Over $2000

1. Brand Reputation

Established brands with a history of quality and innovation typically charge more for their electric skateboards. These brands often offer better customer support and warranties. Along with the electric skateboard market becoming more competitive, many high-reputation brands launched more valuable and high-performance electric skateboards. You can search the brand and product reviews on the internet before choosing an electric skateboard that is suitable for you.

Long Distance Elecctric Skateboard

2. Battery Capacity and Range

Most electric vehicles are powered by lithium-ion batteries, such as electric cars, scooters, and skateboards. The battery capacity determines the range an electric transportation, it is also the most important and expensive part of electric skateboards. The different battery packs used in electric skateboards may affect the price. Electric skateboards with more battery packs and larger battery capacities typically cost more. For example: the hub drive electric skateboards that are equipped with batteries no more than 300wh, will cost no more than $500. These kinds of electric skateboards can provide a 10~17 miles range per charge. If you prefer the belt drive electric skateboard with batteries of no more than 300wh, the price will be about $450~$700, because the different drive styles have different designs and accessories. It's worth noting that the belt-driven electric skateboards may have higher maintenance costs than the hub drive electric skateboards because the belt is easy to wears out after long riding. However, the belt electric skateboards are stronger than the hub drive electric skateboard, they are suitable for more different terrains. 

Removable Battery Electric Skateboard

3. Motor Power

The second valuable part after the battery of an electric skateboard is the motor. The power and performance of the electric skateboard's motor can significantly impact the price, the electric skateboards can go faster with more powerful motors. Most entry-level electric skateboards will have 2 motors in the rear wheels, some premium electric skateboards will have 4 motors, and each wheel on the electric skateboard has one motor. Premium electric skateboards, especially those with greater speed and torque, tend to be more expensive. The electric skateboard on an average of $400 to $800 will usually offer dual motors of around 400 watts~600 watts with top speeds of 20 to 30 mph.

Powerful electric skateboard

4. Deck Material

In addition to the brand reputation, battery, and motor, the type of deck material used can influence the price. The most common materials used as the electric skateboard deck are maple wood, bamboo, fiberglass, carbon fiber, or composite. The maple wooden decks have the lowest cost among these materials. Bamboo is usually composite with other materials, such as maple or fiberglass, because of its flexible feature. As the different composite processes, they may be more expensive than the maple deck. Owing to the lightweight and durable, carbon fiber decks are the most expensive among the maple and composite decks.

Flexible Electric Skatebord Bamboo Deck

5. Wheel Size and Quality

The quality and size of the wheels play a role in ride comfort and performance. Upgraded wheels may come with a higher price tag. 90mm PU wheels and 105mm cloud wheels are most commonly used in electric skateboards and the price is no more than $1000. The larger the size and better quality wheels used, the cost of the electric skateboard will be higher. 

High Performance Electric Skateboard

6. Extra Accessories Materials Used

Remote control, ESC, trucks, belts, and extra accessories can affect the cost. Accessories made from better materials tend to last longer, which will reduce maintenance costs.
electric skateboard with handlebar for beginners

How Much Should I Spend on an Electric Skateboard?

The budget you spend on the electric skateboard should align with your riding style and expectations. Entry-level electric skateboards typically range from $200 to $500 and are suitable for beginners. Mid-range electric skateboards, priced between $500 and $1,000, offer better performance and features. Premium electric skateboards from reputable brands can go beyond $1,000, offering excellent performance and quality. Keep in mind that your expenses don't end with the purchase of the electric skateboard. Consider the following additional costs:

1. Safety Gear: Investing in protective gear like a helmet, knee and elbow pads, and wrist guards is essential for your safety. Budget for these items when calculating your overall spending.
2. Maintenance: Over time, you may need to replace parts like wheels, bearings, or belts. Maintenance costs can accumulate, so it's wise to budget for them.
3. Extra Batteries: The lifetime of each battery is limited, the battery will be aging after reaching a certain number of uses. The maintenance cost which is spent on the replacement battery is necessary. 

best entry level electric skateboard


The cost of an electric skateboard varies widely, making it important to assess your budget, needs, and expectations. Research thoroughly, consider the factors that affect the price, and don't forget to budget for safety gear and potential maintenance costs. While electric skateboard prices may evolve in the future, investing in a reliable and safe board that suits your riding style is the key to an enjoyable electric skateboarding experience.

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