Cut Your Charging Time in Half: Dual Charging Ports on UDITER Electric Skateboard

Uditer electric skateboard with 2 charging ports

If you're an electric skateboard rider, you may know that charging time can be a major inconvenience. It is a long time to charge a large-capacity electric skateboard, especially if you're eager to get back out on the road. It usually takes 4 hours or even longer to fully charge one e-skateboard which are selling in the market. That's why UDITER electric skateboards are equipped with two charging ports.           

How Does Uditer Board Save Your Charging Time?

What's the benefit of having two charging ports design of the electric skateboard? It's simple, you can charge the electric skateboard within 2 hours, rather than 4 hours if you have 2 chargers.

• Swappable Battery Design

UDITER electric skateboards are powered by a 280Wh battery (10S2P 18650 6.6A). Owing to the innovative design of the UDITER team, this battery is designed to be quick and easy to remove. Each UDITER electric skateboard comes with 2 batteries. The weight of one battery is about 1.8kg only, and the max range of per battery is up to 18 miles. You can bring one spare battery in your backpack, allowing you to extend your ride time without the fear of running out of power.

Uditer Electric Skateboard with the removable battery

 2 Chagring Ports Design                    

UDITER designed one charging port on the battery, and the other on the ESC. With two charging ports, you can plug in two chargers at once, effectively doubling the charging power and reducing charging time.

entry level electric skateboard


If you are looking for a long-distance and convenient electric longboard, UDITER electric skateboards have got you covered. With UDITER dual charging ports, you can spend less time waiting and more time fun riding. Become UDITER electric skateboard owners and experience the convenience of UDITER's innovative design.

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