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Boundless Range Mileage Electric Skateboards-Uditer S3&S3 Pro

Boundless Range Mileage Electric Skateboards-Uditer S3&S3 Pro

One of the most significant concerns for electric skateboard riders is range anxiety. If your electric skateboard ran out of power on your way back home, that would be an upsetting and annoying ride experience! With Uditer Electric Skateboards, range anxiety is a thing of the past. How? With the convenient removable battery design, the range is only limited by the number of batteries you have.

1. One Electric Skateboard, Two Large Capacity Battery

All models of Uditer electric skateboard come with 2 batteries, one battery is enough for you to enjoy going around, and the other is a spare to ensure that you would get back home or long riding requirement. The max range per 7.8A 328Wh battery is 20 -25 miles (35-40 Km). The weight of one battery is only 1.8kg, so it is convenient for you to carry them around with you, no need to worry about running out of power.

2. Convenient Quick-Swap Battery Design

The battery design also allows for easy and quick swapping. Simply swap the battery out, and replace it with a fully charged one. The process takes less than a minute, so you can keep on riding on the road in no time. With the clip buckle design, no need for any tools to swap it out, super convenient and stable enough to avoid falling out.

3. Two Charging Ports Design

And when it comes to charging, Uditer has you covered. Instead of the fast charger, Uditer electric skateboards come with two charging ports - one on the ESC and the other on the battery itself. You can charge the eboards from the charging ports on the ESC and battery at the same time by using two chargers, reducing the full charging time to just two hours. All the anxiety about the range and charging time of electric skateboards are fully thoughtful and solved by the Uditer team, we are aimed at creating high-performance and affordable electric skateboards for riders.

Uditer boards are boundless range mileage electric skateboard in the market. Two batteries are just a starting point, if you get more battery, you will enjoy more range miles riding.

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