How to Quick-Install the Batteries of UDITER electric skateboard?

How to Quick-Install the Batteries of UDITER electric skateboard?

Hello UDITER owners and riders! Are you familiar with how to properly and quickly install the UDITER battery? As a long-range electric skateboard, UDITER has designed a quick-swap battery for the e-skateboard. The removable battery of the UDITER electric longboard solves riders' anxiety about range limitations, allowing riders to bring additional batteries for their commutes. Batteries can be swapped and installed within 1 minute, but if you're unsure how to do it correctly, this blog is for you.

Before proceeding, please watch this instructional video carefully!

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Insert the aviation plug of the battery according to the position of the jack.
  2. Put the battery back into the shell and lay the plug flat in the groove of the battery.
  3. Keep one buckle clipped in, then press and clip in the other buckle (not the battery body).
  4. Listen for a clear sound of the buckle clicking in, indicating that the battery has been properly assembled and fixed securely.

Why did UDITER design the quick-swap battery for the electric skateboard?

  1. Increase the lifetime of the electric skateboard. As you may already know, a battery has a limited lifespan. After extended use, the battery will deteriorate. With UDITER boards, owners can simply purchase and replace the batteries to make their skateboard feel brand new after a year or two of use.
  2. Quick removable battery electric skateboard, always bring a spare battery in your backpack, no need to worry about the electric skateboard running out of power.
  3. Reduce the carbon footprint for long-distance commuters. The max range per battery is 25 miles, and each high-performance and long-distance UDITER electric skateboard comes with 2 batteries, making it an ideal commuter board for going to work or school.
  4. Reduce the weight of the board while maintaining a large capacity battery for the electric longboard.

If you want to get a long range under $500 electric skateboard, learn more about UDITER and become UDITER e-board owner now! 

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