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Get A Free Uditer Electric Skateboards!

Get A Free Uditer Electric Skateboards!

Attention UDITER Owners! Are you interested in receiving a free UDITER electric skateboard? Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to become a UDITER Ambassador today!

1. What Is A UDITER Ambassador?

As a UDITER owner, you can become a UDITER Ambassador without the need to apply or register. If you're impressed with the high-performance of our electric longboards and would like to recommend them to your friends, you can give the coupon code to your friends to purchase which we provide for you. Once your referred friends purchase an e-skateboard using your coupon code, you'll be recognized as a UDITER Ambassador and receive related bonuses. Additionally, if you refer five friends, you'll receive a full refund for the UDITER electric skateboard you originally purchased!

2. How Do I Get a Refund?

Simply send us an email with your PayPal account and order number, and we will send your refund via PayPal within 24 working hours.

3. Why Become Owners of UDIETR Electric Skateboards?

  • Affordable electric skateboard under $500.
  • Two batteries electric skateboard for long commutes and photography.
  • Quick swappable battery convenient electric skateboard.
  • Large capacity long battery life electric long board with smart remote.
  • 105mm nimbus wheels 600watt dual motors powerful e-skateboard.
  • Two charging ports design for the best electric skateboard experience.
  • Removable handlebar electric skateboards for beginners.

We're excited to have you as an ambassador for UDITER Board, For more information, please visit the UDITER Ambassadors page. Please feel free to join UDITER owner Facebook group, warranty time will be extended to 270 days!   

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