UDITER Electric Skateboards Are Equipped with 2 Batteries!

UDITER Electric Skateboards Are Equipped with 2 Batteries!

To create a long range electric skateboard, UDITER Board is equipped with 2 batteries now! Riders do not need to pay extra money to buy one spare battery again. Besides, there 4 new names and grip tape designs of UDITER Electric Skateboard, Lava Monster, Flame Ranger, Diamond Hero, and Speed Knight!

1. Will the Price Be More Expensive for the E-board with 2 Batteries?

Absolutely not! Riders will get a hub-drive electric skateboard with 2 batteries for under $500! $399 for the e-board with 90mm PU wheels, and $499 for the electric longboard with 105mm nimbus wheels. All UDITER electric skateboard sets will be included in 2 batteries.

2. Are the Capacity of Both Batteries Totally the Same?

Yep! Both batteries are 328wh large capacity batteries. The max range of one battery is 25 miles. You will get 50 miles range for two batteries.

3.Is It Easy to Swap the Battery?

Certainly! The battery of the UDITER electric skateboard can be removed and installed in several seconds.

4. How Long is the Charging Time Per Battery?

Usually 4 hours! But if you have 2 chargers, charging time will be reduced to 2 hours. Because UDITER electric skateboards are designed with 2 charging ports. UDITER E-boards can be charged by the port on the ESC and by the port on the battery at the same time.

Pick one long-distance and large-capacity battery UDITER electric skateboard now! What a perfect urban sustainable transportation, reduce the carbon footprint from now on.

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