Uditer Electric Skateboard Review from EV Tech Steven: The Best Affordable Electric Skateboard for Beginners

Best Affordable Electric Skateboard of 2023

We would like to share the Uditer electric skateboard review from YouTube Influencer EV Tech Steven. Steven is an influencer in the e-skateboarding community, he tested Uditer Hub Drive electric skateboard and compared it with other brands of electric skateboards in the market. Let's watch the video and hear his honest review of Uditer electric skateboard.

YouTube Channel of EV Tech Steven: EV Tech Steven

Feature of Uditer Hub Drive Electric Skateboard:

1. Quick Swappable Battery Design: Each Uditer electric skateboard comes with swappable batteries. Compared with other brands in the market, Uditer electric skateboards provide longer distances commute for riders.

2. Best Budget Electric Skateboard for Beginners: Uditer electric skateboards (hub drive) are under $400 and equipped with 328Wh large capacity removable battery, a total 656Wh of 2 batteries. Bring one spare battery in the backpack, no more anxiety about running out of power.

3. Comfortable Riding Experience: 105mm Nimbus Wheels design is great for carving and commuting. The bamboo and fiberglass deck of the Uditer electric skateboard are flexible and stable for long commutes, providing a comfortable riding experience for riders. 8-inch trucks, which are wider than other trucks in the market, provide stability and flexibility even though on a high speed.

4. Quiet and Powerful Motors: 600Wattdual motors are high-temp resistant, avoiding the torque will be decreased while the temperature of the motor rises.

5. Sensitive Smart ESC: LingYi 2.0 ESC is sensitive for responding, acceleration and braking are smooth. Compared with the 1.0 version, the response speed is increased by 80%.

Conclusion Review Opinions of Steven:

1. The most featured-packed beginner board.

2. The affordable electric skateboard with the swappable battery system.

3. Top speed only hit 25mph but it is quite fast for an electric skateboard.

4. Acceleration is quite tame but it is enough for beginners.

5. Braking is extremely smooth.

6. Feeling vibration on the feet after 30 minutes of riding.

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