Making Vlog on Electric Skateboard

Making vlog on electric skateboard

Electric skateboard are very interesting tool for travelling and commuting. Many riders hope to record their wonderful riding moments. However, handheld photography equipment is dangerous. It will distract the rider and cause fall injuries, and damage expensive photography equipment. Spike once broke his beloved SLR camera and GoPro when held it by hand during the skateboarding and the captured video is not stable and clear.

Our team thought that if a camera stabilizer could be installed on the electric skateboard, it would solve this problem well. As a result, we had a new development direction. After a long period of verification, it is finally possible to firmly install various types of cameras on the skateboard: SLR/Gopro/cellphone/Insta360.   

Making vlog on electric skateboard

Through the camera installed on the electric skateboard, the riders can shoot  high-speed and stable videos, which brings new fun to the riders, and will not affect the safety. You only need to install it firmly on the top of the electric skateboard.

In addition, Uditer designed a unique photography tripod. If you go to a place with beautiful scenery and want to take some high-quality photos, then our handlebar can be used as a tripod, and the rider will no longer need to carry a heavy burden tripod. This realizes the versatility of electric skateboard.

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