Electric Skateboard Handlebar - Best Tool for Beginner and Vlogger

electric skateboard handlebar

It was one sunny day, Spike, the founder of Uditer board, carried his electric skateboard to meet up with his friends in Sunnybrook Park. One of his friends, Jason, feels very curious about the electric skateboard. He knows a normal longboard but has never seen a board with a motor that can drive itself.

Although Jason wants to try it out, he is pretty scared. He has never tried skateboarding before, and he is not good at balancing. After many people's encouragement, Jason finally decided to try it. He fell from the board and got hurt even if he was super careful. Since then, he has never tried it again. Other friends had heard his story and felt electric skateboarding was dangerous.

After this incident, Spike and his team discovered that currently, electric skateboards are not an easy sport for beginners. Many people feel it is cool to ride it, but most of the time, fear stops them from trying it. Therefore, Spike started to think about how to make it easier for beginners. He discussed with the team if there was something that people could hold. Wouldn't that be safer and easier for people to try it out? Scooter has 2 wheels. People can ride it because there is a handlebar to help to keep the balance. How about installing a handlebar as well for our electric skateboard?

The Uditer team discussed how the handlebar should be designed. First of all, it should be firm and can be quickly assembled and disassembled to achieve portability. A few months later, a sample of the Uditer Handlebar was generated. 

Uditer Handlebar

Now people can hold it while skateboarding on the road. Yes, it is more comfortable to have something to grab in hand. Now, Spike thinks it might be a little too simple if it only serves this purpose. Gradually, beginners get used to the board and they might be no longer need it. It has such a short life cycle and this is always a concern for the Uditer team.

Spike is a part-time photographer and usually carries his camera to shoot some pictures or videos while skateboarding. He thought that it will be a great idea if the camera can be mounted on the skateboard. The vloggers and photographers would definitely love it! Not only it helps beginners at the early stage, but it can also help some pros to release their hands and increased their safety.

After several times of tests and modifications, we added the interface for the installation of cameras/gopro/insta360. The final prototype of the handlebar is successfully verified and produced, which we also have obtained a patent.

This handlebar is compatible with most of the electric skateboards on the market. You only need to install the handlebar base on the head of the electric skateboard, and you can freely install/uninstall it.


High tensile CNC magnesium-aluminium alloy
Adjustable height: 74/82/90 cm
Camera mount; Compatible with most cameras and stabilizers

The final product is on the market, and no other brands have our handlebar feature. We proudly say that we invented "Scooterboard", and the handlebar's optionality will serve many people's needs.

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