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Uditer is a startup electric skateboard company, located in China. The founder, Spike is a skateboarder, like many other friends around us who love skateboarding. He got his first electric skateboard 5 years ago. After that, he love skateboarding and became a rider. He quit his job as an electrical engineer and started to develop more special electric skateboards, and established the UDITER electric skateboard brand 3 years ago.

Owing to Spike as an electrical engineer, he knows the importance of batteries for electric skateboards. He wondered how he can design a type of battery that is safer and more powerful. After Uditer team went through many difficulties, they designed a safe and powerful battery that can be quickly swapped in 5 seconds. Quick-swappable battery design greatly improves max range.


Why did you choose Uditer? Let us check some cool features of Uditer.

  1. How many electric skateboard models does Uditer sell?

The answer is 4! For the hub type, we have 2 different models, Uditer Mini, and Uditer W3/S3. For the belt type, we have Uditer EVO and Uditer W3 Pro/ S3 Pro. What is the difference between these four models? Please check the following chart, you will know more clearly about our products.




W3 Pro / S3 Pro


Skateboard Size






2*500W Hub

2*600W Hub

2*600W Belt

2*1500W Belt  








20-25 miles

20-25 miles


Deck Material



3 Layers Bamboo+2 Layers Fiberglass

3 Layers Bamboo+2 Layers Fiber Glass

3 Layers Bamboo+2 Layers Fiber Glass

Wheel Size





Speed Mode

L (Low) : 13 mph/20 km/h

M(Medium): 19 mph/30 km/h

H(High): 25 mph/40 km/h

L(Low):13mph / 20km/h 
M(Medium):19mph / 30km/h
H(HIGH):25mph / 40km/h
P(Pro):28mph / 45km/h


L(Low):13mph / 20km/h 
M(Medium):19mph / 30km/h
H(HIGH):25mph / 40km/h
P(Pro):28mph / 45km/h











  1. What are the main features of Uditer Electric Skateboard?

As I mentioned before, Uditer has a 328Wh large capacity swappable battery. It supplies unlimited power to your e-skateboards and enables you to keep riding anywhere you like without worrying about battery life. Replacing the battery only needs 5s! No more low-battery anxiety. 328Wh high-capacity battery (30 cells per battery) with a range of 25 Miles/35 Km. 


Besides, UDITER electric skateboard has 105*62mm Nimbus wheels, a new design for the wheels. The new wheels are more comfortable so that your electric skateboard is no longer afraid of any road surface and smashes the hills.


Moreover, UDITER electric skateboard's unique two-charging port design allows you to charge your electric skateboard battery on any occasion. If you have two chargers, you can use both charging ports to charge the battery at the same time, and the charging time will be reduced from 4 hours to 2 hours.

Compared to most skateboards on the market, UDITER has 600W *2 powerful motors, and a larger wheel diameter, which brings better acceleration and provides an extraordinary climbing experience while making less noise.


UDITER deck is made of 3 layers of bamboo + 2 layers of fiberglass composite material, which is more elastic and soft, far less prone to breakage than other normal maple boards, and easily brings you a more flexible and sturdier cruising experience as you expect. Besides, it can support a weight of up to 330 lbs, offering you a more comfortable and safer ride. 


Considering the safety of the skateboard beginners, the Uditer team design a light handlebar for the skateboard, which was applied with aluminum-magnesium alloy CNC technology. It can be quickly assembled without any tools and let your electric skateboard be turned into a ‘Scooterboard’ (electric skateboard+electric scooter) in 10 seconds. Our original purpose is to make people feel as safe as possible, we do not recommend relying on the handlebar to use the skateboard all the time, it is just an aid. Ride safe, gear up, and wear your helmet guys! 

  1. Which platform does Uditer sell?

Uditer electric skateboards are sold on and Amazon US now. is shipping all over the world. Uditer team devote to creating the best performance skateboard all the time, we value the users experience, aim at to do the better in the future. Keep moving, self-improvement is a lifelong process!

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