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The Uditer W3 Review – Scooterboard? Huh? - Uditerboard
By: Paxson Lim Today we will be reviewing the Uditer W3, a mid-tier electric skateboard that’s $549 after discount. First of all, Uditer who? Uditer is yet another new electric skateboard brand from Guang Dong China, and there are good...
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We have 2 new warehouses in the USA! - Uditerboard
We understand that the shipping time is essential and critical for our customers because everyone wish to get the electric skateboards as soon as possible to try it out. Last month we have set up 2 new warehouses in the...
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How to buy the right electric skateboard - Uditerboard
You may notice that suddenly there are more and more people riding an electric skateboard on the road. They travel through the city, down the street and it looks very fun and convenient. There are also a lot of reviews...
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