How Does an Electric Skateboard Motor Work? A Guide to Hub Motor Electric Skateboards

How Does an Electric Skateboard Motor Work?

Riding electric skateboards, as the emerging eco-friendly daily commute transportation, is becoming increasingly popular among the younger generation since electric skateboards offer the freedom and fun to travel through traffic and cruise freely on the roads. The motor, as one of the essential components of an electric skateboard, is responsible for transferring the rider forward with speed and efficiency. So, the question is, do you know how an electric skateboard motor works? In this blog, we will talk about the working principle of electric skateboard motors, focusing on hub motor electric skateboards. 

What Is Electric Skateboard Hub Motors?

According to the different types of motors, electric skateboards are divided into different types of e-board, but one of the most popular designs is the hub motor electric skateboard. Electric skateboards with hub motors rely on the motors to drive the wheels. Hub motors are integrated directly into the electric skateboard wheels, providing the electric skateboard with a compact and streamlined design. Unlike belt-driven motors, which have a separate motor mounted on the underside of the electric skateboard deck and connected to the wheels via a drive belt, hub motors don't have external components, resulting in a cleaner appearance of the electric skateboard. Additionally, the hub motor and other components are less prone to damage, simplifying maintenance procedures and saving maintenance costs.

How Do Electric Skateboard Hub Motors Work?

Hub motors consist of several key components, including stator coils, magnets, and a rotor. When electric current from the battery is supplied to the stator coils, it creates a magnetic field that interacts with the magnets mounted on the rotor. This interaction generates rotational force, causing the rotor to spin. As the rotor rotates, it drives the wheels of the electric skateboard, propelling the rider forward.

Advantages of Electric Skateboard Hub Motors

One of the primary advantages of hub motors is their compact and integrated design. By housing the motor inside the wheel, hub motors offer a sleek and minimalist appearance, with no external components protruding from the electric skateboard deck. This not only enhances the aesthetics of the electric skateboard but also reduces the risk of damage to external components.

Additionally, electric skateboard hub motors provide a smoother and quieter riding experience compared to belt-driven motors. Since there are no moving parts or frictional surfaces between the motor and the wheel, hub motors produce minimal noise and vibration, resulting in a more enjoyable ride.

Another benefit of hub motors is their regenerative braking capability. When the rider applies the brakes or reduces the throttle, the motor reverses its direction of rotation, acting as a generator to convert kinetic energy back into electrical energy. This regenerative braking system helps to recharge the battery and extend the range of the electric skateboard, making it more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.


Hub motors play a crucial role in the operation of electric skateboards, providing efficient and reliable propulsion with minimal noise and maintenance. By understanding how hub motors work and their advantages, riders can make informed decisions when choosing an electric skateboard that best suits their needs and preferences. Whether you're commuting to work, cruising around town, or carving up the streets, an electric skateboard offers an exciting and eco-friendly way to get from point A to point B.

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