Can You Ride Electric Skateboards In the Rain?

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We received some questions inquiry from some new riders and customers about the waterproof rating of our Uditer electric skateboard, the waterproof level of the Uditer S3 electric skateboard is IP55, which is just silicone waterproof. This waterproof rating can't cover you riding the Uditer S3 in the rain. There is still a risk of water damage to the electronic components of your electric skateboard. Thus, don't ride your electric skateboard in the rain! In this blog, we will explore the risk of riding an electric skateboard in wet weather and how to maintain it if your electric skateboard gets wet. It is important to know the dangers of riding an electric skateboard in bad weather.

Does An Electric Skateboard Work In The Rain?

An electric skateboard can work in the rain if it is designed for waterproof. But don't ride your electric skateboards in the rain or wet road, despite electric skateboards being advertised as waterproof! Since an electric skateboard can't be designed for 100% waterproof, the electronic components of your electric skateboard aren't designed for riding in the rain or wet road, especially the battery, motor and ESC aren't waterproof, they may have a chance to be exposed to water or rain, and causing damage on your electric skateboard.

Potential Risks of Riding Electric Skateboard In the Rain

Slipping and Lose Control: Wet surfaces on a rainy day can significantly cause the road to slip and the traction between your electric skateboard wheels and the ground will be reduced, increasing the risk of slipping and losing control.

Water Damage: Electric skateboards are not typically designed to withstand exposure to water. Water can damage the electronic components and lead to malfunctions or complete failure if you don't know how to maintain it after riding in the rain.

Safety Concerns: Riding in the rain can impair visibility and make it harder for both you and other road users to see obstacles or hazards, increasing the likelihood of accidents.

What Should You Do if Electric Skateboards Get Wet?

1. Power Off and Remove Battery Immediately

The first important thing is to power off your electric skateboard immediately if it gets wet. Leaving your electric skateboard powered on can increase the risk of short circuits and damage to internal electrical components. If your electric skateboard has a removable battery, take it out of the electric skateboard to prevent water damage. Wipe down the battery with a dry cloth and allow it to air dry completely before reinstalling it in the electric skateboard. Turn off the electric skateboard and remove the battery to prevent further electrical issues.

2. Dry Thoroughly

It's essential to dry it thoroughly to remove any water after your electric skateboard is powered off. Use a dry cloth or towel to wipe down the deck, trucks, wheels, and any other exposed surfaces of your electric skateboard. Pay special attention to areas where water may have seeped into the electronics, such as around the power switch, charging port, and ESC enclosures.

3. Allow Time to Dry

Allow it to air dry in a well-ventilated area for at least 24-48 hours. Avoid using your electric skateboard until you are confident that all water has evaporated, as riding a wet electric skateboard can increase the risk of electrical issues and damage to internal components.


Water and electricity are a dangerous combination, please remember that even if your electric skateboard is waterproof, it's still best to avoid riding in the rain. If your electric skateboards get wet, you should power off your electric skateboard immediately and completely dry it. Riding an electric skateboard in the rain not only damages the board but also poses safety risks. Wet surfaces increase the likelihood of slipping and unexpected accidents. Proper maintenance and safe riding practices are essential for enjoying the convenience and freedom that electric skateboards offer to the fullest.

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